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Tuesday accountability

Are we still doing accountability? Or since it's Thanksgiving week are all bets off?

B1 (before E): 1/2 bagel thin w/ peanut butter
B2 (after E): cinnamon raisin bagel w/ peanut butter
L: Lean pocket
D: Probably pizza

E: Boot camp. I love it and by the end of the day will probably not be able to lift my arms over my shoulders.

Also - this morning I could not fit into ANY of my work pants. Not. A. Single. Pair. Good thing I started working out again or I probably would have cried.
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"You are made of win." -SopChick
Still here and still fabulous!

Re: Tuesday accountability

  • This week is going to be a bad week...between Thanksgiving and then my birthday on Monday (celebrating on Saturday) I am not sure if I will be on track. I really need to though because I'm going to Vegas a week from this Saturday, can't wait.

    B: Toast with peanut butter, banana, coffee
    S: Larabar
    L: Potluck at lunch for Thanksgiving. I'll try to avoid bread & potatoes.
    D: I think an omlette since I forgot to defrost the chicken I was going to make tonight.

    E: Yoga
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  • I'm still up for accountability, work has been crazy today and this week so far for me to start any thread
    B- hot chocolate, oatmeal with blueberries
    L-broccoli and vegetable soup
    D-probably some basic tacos
    S- chex mix

    E- dance classes tonight


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