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Friday the 13th

Is the day I'm getting married!! Anyone else sharing this wonderful day with me??
My colors are black and red.. and white.
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Re: Friday the 13th

  • Not sharing the day, but two days later (tax day!) We just picked the day this weekend.

    Are you as anxious to get going on planning as i am? :)  It is a bit overwhelming!
  • I'm not sharing the day either, but 4/8/12 is my date.  Planning is intimidating for sure!  Especially since my parents haven't quite come around to the idea that I'll even be getting married.  Lucky for me my FMIL is very helpful :)
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  • I'm not sharing the date either. Our date is 4/21/2012. I am so anxious to start planning! My fiance is in the U.S. Navy and will be wearing his uniform, so our colors will be Navy Blue and Yellow! :D
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    I'm not sharing the date but I'm getting married on 4/14/12.  I wasn't thinking when I picked it. I was just excited lent was over so we could get married in the church. However, I'm hopeful all drama will go down on the 13th so we can have a smooth 14th.  Color wise we are using Navy, pink and green. 

    As for planning I have a lot of the leg work done and a huge scrap book of things I like (read excel spreadsheets). My thought is get things together I/we like and then sit on them until Marchish 2011 and then really start planning.  If I liked it then and have liked it this long, it's a keeper.

  • lol I'm getting married on 4-21-12 and my fiance is in the U.S Navy too 

  • We are getting married on the 29th!! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who has already set a day almost 2 years in advance.  I really can't wait to start planning the details!
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  • Im sooo glad Im not the only one ready to jump into this planning thing our date is 4.21.12 too we met when I was 11 told my dad I was going to marry him (of course he wasnt to happy about that) and here we are now 9 years and 1 baby boy later planning to wed

  • congrats!! I am trying to be realistic about the planning right now and trying to take it slow, but it's HARD! :) but the good thing is you can give each item on your list individual attention...right ow it's venue...
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    I'm not sharing the date either, but we're getting married 4/21/2012.  Our colors are blues and green. Can't wait to get the planning going!
  • my date is April 30th 2012, and I am also relieved to see other bride's choosing dates two years ahead, I want next year but my fiance agreed with his parents who said to  "NOT RUSH ANYTHING" lol. I chose my date cause it is my grandmothers birthday and she passed away in 2006 and since she cant be here to phyisically celebrate with me, i want to share her day with mine. My colors are emerald green, gold and ivory, and I want a romantic,vintage with a edge of classic for my wedding. Kiss Cant wait to plan it and try dresses on and everything
  • I really felt I was the only one planning this far in advance my parents think I'm crazy I'm just so excited you know. We are on the 21st our colors are royal purple and white
  • @Sparkles03 - I loooove dress 2!!! ;]
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  • That's actually the day I wanted to get married because that's our anniversary date!  Unfortunately Saturday's are more convienient so April 14th is our day.
  • I'm sharing this with you! My colors are green & pink. :)
  • I'm so glad I'm not the only one starting this early! Mine isn't the 13th, but it's the next day. But exactly like SarahM said, we were just trying to avoid lent. Hahaha.
  • I am April 28th! And I have accomplished a lot so far, people are like I can't believe you are even thinking that far in ahead. But, we waited til 2012 so we could take our time and be able to pay for it! I can't wait.
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    [QUOTE]i think the most frustrating part is that i am excited about planning, but the fiance is not so much into it yet (procrastinator) and only has input on the stuff he doesn't like. UGH!
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    That sounds just like my fiance! It is so aggravating!
  • My date is 04-21-12 too!! My fiance is in the Royal Navy in England! I'm so excited and at least we all have plenty of time to plan :)

  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_april-2012-weddings_friday-13th?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:05427f07-4ba2-44d6-9271-99a7af1ee5c0Discussion:9fee1a29-3037-4790-9119-4a9f8fc0a287Post:23007bef-e318-443e-a737-64dab428ab11">Re: Friday the 13th</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm not sharing the day either, but 4/8/12 is my date.  Planning is intimidating for sure!  Especially since my parents haven't quite come around to the idea that I'll even be getting married.  Lucky for me my FMIL is very helpful :)
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    I'm planning mine for the 7th, so close to yours.  It seems like everyone in my family has planned a Sunday wedding, but I thought Easter might be too expensive with families eating out.  Though I guess most places would already have decorations.  Are you doing an Easter theme?  I thought it'd be cute - Easter baskets with candy for centerpieces - but my FI thought that was dumb.  :)
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  • Our date will probably be the 14th but you will be getting married on my birthday and I am hoping everything works out so I can have the rehearsal dinner on that date and have everyone there for cake and ice cream.  Don't let anyone tell you Friday the 13th is bad luck, I turned 13 on a Friday!
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  • I'm sharing that date too! My FI and I first met on April 13th 5 years ago. Congrates to you!
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  • I am also getting married the 13th! I was also suprised to see how many others were planning for this far in advance.

  • Hey Ladies!

    I'm April 28th!  I'm also finding it hard to slow down on the planning.  I'm trying to focus on my venue right now.  I figure once I get that out of the way I can chill a bit.  Haha - right!

    Right now my colors are yellow and green with a spring garden theme.  There's a good chance I'll change my mind though.  Possibly multiple times.

    Congrats everyone!! 
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  • I'm another 04-21-12 bride! Our colors are royal blue, light blue, and white. Our venue wasn't too keen on booking quite so early, but they said that if anyone called and started asking about our date that they would call us so we could jump in there and keep our date :). I'm so glad that we're waiting because with two jobs and going to school full time there's absolutely no way my fiancé and I could plan this wedding for this coming April.  Plus it gives me more time to snoop around on here for fun, unique ideas!!
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  • we were totally going to do the 13th, but opted for the 14th for a couple reasons. our venue is in the suburbs, and we live in the city (philadelphia). traveling five oclock into the suburbs is going to be a nightmare and i don't want cranky guests. also, the best man is a teacher. with it being the week after easter, it might not be as easy for him to get off from school. i wish friday would have worked though, cause not only would have it been fun, but it would've saved like 12 bucks/head.
  • Yay for date twins!! I think this will be a fun and creative process!! I've got my venue booked and I have a pending contract with my photographer.. this guy is already booked up to Sept 2012!
    If you live in Upstate NY check him out! www.mattramosphotography.com
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  • I am getting married on Friday the 13th as well!!  We were going to do Thurs April 5th, since that is our Anniversary, but thought it would be too hard for everyone to take off from work and everything!

    I think our colors will be purple and silver.. but we are still not sure.  We are looking into venues, trying to find a location centrally located between his family and my family... 

    Is there anything fun anyone is doing in honor of a "friday the 13th"?  We are slightly thinking about it, but I think it may be too hoaxy and corny... 
  • my fiance joked about having the groomsmen wear Jason, Mike Myers and Freddy masks!
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  • I share the date with you and our colors are charcoal gray, teal, and possibly pink. We have already done a ton of planning, photographer booked, dj booked, venue almost picked out, invites picked out, engagement photos in a few weeks, cake place picked out, bridesmaid dresses picked.

    Super excited but we live in North Dakota and April is flood season so I am a little nervous.
  • We don't share the date, but I'm the day after! Our colours are similar (black, red and silver). We've only booked the venue so far and are meeting with the photographer sometime next week.
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