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Im soooo excited but extremely nervous :-/

Hello everyone im new here and been engaged since May. Im looking to have my wedding on 3/16/14 in south florida but have no idea where to start looking and what to tackle first :( Plz help <3!!

Re: Im soooo excited but extremely nervous :-/

  • Hi. Welcome. I'm new here too. Where in South Florida are you from? I'm a west coast Tampa Bay bride. My date is a day before yours :)  The first thing I think brides should do when they want to start planning is to get a budget. Traditionally the bride's parents pay for the wedding but times have changed and a lot of couples are paying for their own now. Have your fiance talk to his parents and find out if they plan to contribute and how much. Same with your family. Then find out how much you can both personally contribute. It's a good idea to set up a new joint bank account and deposit a certain amount monthly. Next thing is a guest list. Your fiance's mom (or closest family member), you, and your mom should all make guests lists. It's a good way to start. After that, start looking at magazines or the internet for inspiration on different things. Do you want and indoor or outdoor wedding? Do you want certain colors or themes? Start researching different venues and make appointments to go see them. Check out a bridal show. There is plenty of time to plan. So enjoy and have fun. Hope this helps
  • go out and buy you a good planner!
  • the knot has a good checklist you can use as guidelines all the way through your planning.  I'd start with that!  Good luck and congratulations!

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