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When to take my ring off?

Do I keep my ring on when I wash my hands or take a shower? What do you guys do?

Re: When to take my ring off?

  • The only time I take mine off is when I clean it. The more you take it off, the higher your chance of losing it. If you don't have an insurance policy or even if you do and are sentimental about it, the less you should take it off IMO.
  • Ok awesome. I wasn't sure if the water or soap/ shampoo and conditioner would hurt it. I just got engaged Thursday night and really never wear jewelry
  • Just because you take your ring off doesn't mean you're not sentimental about it or anything. I take my ring off when I walk through the door. My halo setting gets water stuck under it and my skin gets irritated. It is completely up to you. 

  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    In Response to Re:When to take my ring off?:
    [QUOTE]The only time I take mine off is when I clean it. The more you take it off, the higher your chance of losing it. If you don't have an insurance policy or even if you do and are sentimental about it, the less you should take it off IMO.
    Posted by Sharpschruter22[/QUOTE]

    This!  I hear of people saying they take it off to wash their hands in restrooms or to put lotion on.  All it takes is one slight distraction and you forget and walk away without it.  I rarely take mine off, even when just at home.
  • I never take my ring off, unless it is to clean it.  Or when I make Oreo cake balls, because I don't want little bits of Oreo stuck in my ring.  But, very rarely do I take it off.  Everyday tasks like washing dishes, showering, etc. aren't going to hurt your ring. Congrats on your engagement!
  • It was not my intent to infer that those who take it off are not sentimental about it. The fact remains that it is more likely to be lost or stolen when not on your person, thus causing extreme distress especially to sentimental folks. OP, a diamond cannot be hurt by everyday wear. The setting can, but not by soaps and water. If you wear it while showering, washing dishes, putting on lotion, then you will need to clean it more often. I have a sonicare toothbrush and have a toothbrush head I use specifically for ring cleaning. It brings back the sparkle just like the day I received it.
  • I take it off a lot, and I've never left it anywhere or lost it. I have forgotten to put it back on and gone to work without it several times. I have a ring holder on our kitchen windowsill and I take it off when I do dishes. I also take it off to shower, do my hair, or put lotion on. I have another ring holder that I keep on top of a bookshelf in our upstairs hallway. It's always in one of those two places or on my finger. I'm left handed, so I guess I figure there's a bigger chance I'll knock it into something and harm it somehow. 
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  • If you do wash your hands or shower with your ring on, you should take it off and dry it thoroughly and dry your finger as well. Otherwise the trapped moisture can cause irritation and red/flaky/itchy skin where your ring goes. Also, soap will form a film on your ring, making it less shiny, unless you rinse well.
  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    I only take mine off when I'm cooking something like bread where I get my hands very messy and could get nastiness in my setting. Otherwise, I always keep it on, even at work -- fortunately, the setting is perfect for being under gloves.

  • I keep mine on at all times except for taking a shower (between the hard water ((calcium buildup)) and soaps, it dulls the sparkle after like, 2 showers) and doing dishes. Shower time = goes in safe place 'til I'm done. Dishes = goes in the cleaning solution.

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  • I take mine off when showering, doing dishes, or working with bleach. It's white gold, so bleach wears down the plating faster, I've found. I'm in childcare and a neat freak at home, so I work with bleach a lot. I'm a lefty, so I always am aware when my ring is off. It bothers the ever loving eff out of me, so I've only forgotten to put it on once, and that was when I was at home and found out my shift started 15 minutes ago, not in 2 hours like it was supposed to. It's also slightly too big, but I can't do anything about it since my fingers swell up in winter or I have allergies. 

    I'm terrified of losing it, because it's an heirloom. So when I take it off, it's in a zippered pocket in my purse at work or someplace open and obvious at home, and I always tell H where I left it just in case I forget. I really should get a ring holder. 
  • I very rarely take my ring off.  Usually if I'm cooking and I'm going to have my hands in some dough or something that will get in all the little nooks ofthe setting and be difficult to clean.  If I take my ring off, I always always always put it in the same spot (a box in the top drawer of my dresser) so I know where it is, the cats can't get it, and it can't get knocked down a drain or heating vent or something.  Rings are small and easy to lose if you just put them down.
  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I don't wear any jewelry when I'm at home. I take everything off as soon as I come in. 
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  • I only take it off when I'm showering because it slips around with the soap.  
  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    I take mine off for showering, doing the dishes, making meatballs or other messy foods, or doing certain yard work.  I have a soap dish in the bathroom that has raised edges, so this is where I always put my ring, so that it can't fall into the sink.  I will also remove it when I put on lotion, but usually I only do that while sititng in my office, so I won't move from my seat until my rings are back on my finger.

    I also did not wear any jewelry until my e-ring.  I literally have been wearing the same post earrings for 4 years!  They only change for weddings, then right back in my ears.  So it took some getting used to at first.  But I forced myself to wear the ring until I got used to it.  My husband was the same when he started wearing his wedding band.  He would take it off for each hand washing.  I told him he would get used to it and he now has.  So there will be some adjustments to be made!
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    I take mine off the moment I walk in the door (along with getting changed into my sweatpants, tshirt, rob,e and slippers).  I love wearing my rings but when I am around the house I just don't see the point.  I am usually cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, etc so it really just gets in the way.

  • I take my ring off to shower and to sleep. That's it. Otherwise it is on.

    It's a personal decision and not one that we can make for you. I know some people who take it off to work out, wash their hands, clean the house, etc. and that is fine. I prefer not to take it off for those things because I don't feel it interferes. I also know some married people who never ever wear rings. It's a personal choice.

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  • Another one for takes it off when I get home. I dont wear it around the house - I find I brush my hand up against things easily and I dont want to hit my ring. It goes straight in the box that FI got the ring from.
    Outside the house, the only time I really take it off is when I'm putting lotion on my hand but I put it right back on. I dont take it off for washing my hands.
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  • I never wear my engagement ring since i'm not used to wearing any kind of diamond and i'm paranoid about getting robbed! My job just moved to a safer location, so I can probably wear it to work now... I wear my wedding ring only, and I usually take it off when I take a shower or if I have a lot of cooking to do. Other than that, I sleep with it on and keep it on the rest of the time. 
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  • I only ever take mine off when I'm doing something messy (cooking/baking, goop that would get in the setting) or when it's being cleaned. I sleep with it on, I shower with it on, you name it. I never take it off. It fits perfectly and I'm not afraid of losing it. By now, it's a part of my hand and I feel weird when it's not there.

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  • i take my ring off at night (my fingers swell sometimes)

    i also usually take mine off when i'm in the shower (especially washing my hair) and sometimes when i'm cooking (like cutting up stuff)

    buy a couple of ring holders. my FMIL bought me one when we got engaged and it keep in my kitchen. i have a sterling silver one my God Mother gave me for my 16th birthday (i hold near & dear to my heart, she died 4 months after) and i keep that on my night stand in my bedroom and at my engagement party last week, somebody gave me one and i keep it in the bathroom.

    happy wedding! :)
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  • I take mine off when I'm asleep, in the shower, or scrubbed in the OR (no hand/wrist jewelry allowed). At home it always goes in the ring box on my nightstand, at work I have a necklace with a clasp that it goes into. And it's insured
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  • When I'm home I hardly ever wear my ring, but if I go out I always wear it. I never take it off when washing my hands in public. Right now I hardly ever wear my rings :( I am 6 months pregnant so most of the time my finger swell to much for it fit comfortably.

  • I take mine off when I shower (my hair dislikes my ring I've learned) and when I'm cleaning/cooking messy things.  If it's not on my finger, it's in one special place so I always know right where it is.

  • I take mine off when I shower & do dishes and depending on what I'm cooking it sometimes comes off.  I have to put it in my ring box though before I do any of the above or I fear losing it. 

  • I take my e-ring off everynight.  I have a ring holder for it in the bathroom.  I don't like showering with it on and I am super cold at night for some reason, so it comes off pretty easy.  Then after I shower in the morning and slather body butter on my hands, I put it back on.  It is super dry here, so the body butter is needed to rehaydrate my hands.  Not to get the ring back on.  :-)

    I have taken it off for dishes too, but I hate doing dishes, so FI does them most of the time.  I always use my ring holder.  If we travel I normally just leave it on.  That's when I'd be more likely to lose it.
  • Personally I have to take mine off a lot but that's because I'm slightly allergic to all metals.  I take it off when I shower, put on lotion, drive, work out,  clean, cook, some random times through out the day, and around 8pm until I wake up.  The things I do never irritate it but the time period of it being off helps a lot.  If I don't my finger will become swollen and after a couple of hours my hand will get swollen.  Some days I'll have it off all day just because it's worse than others.
    My mother actually threw a fit when she found out and started claiming how if she had that issue she'd just learn to deal with it.  My fiance told her that if I didn't take it off he'd take it from me and would never return it.
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