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Progress Update Thursday!

Post any and all updates!  Pictures definitely welcome!

My Update:  Sorry for being MIA ladies!  We moved and are finally mostly settled in our new place.  I haven't found the scale at the bottom of a box yet, but that's probably for the better.  Moving has left us eating crap and now I am sick.  The good news is that we've moved to a great place right in between two parks and a river, so I am so anxious to feel better and start jogging!

Your turn!

Re: Progress Update Thursday!

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    My fat % went down .3% and my weight has gone down 1.2lbs since sunday. Thats all ive got.

  • I've lost 8 pounds since starting this journey 2 months ago. I'm quite pleased with my progress. I ordered a new lunch bag, storage containers, and NROWLFW for myself and the NROWL for FI and it should all arrive early next week.

    I also switched to using for calorie tracking. I'd used the website previously, but didn't like that the food database was user maintained and had a ton of weird inaccurate entries. However, their app is pretty great and allows for tracking measurements as well as weight and their calorie calculations are much more accurate than those on Lose It.
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  • lobsterhug, yay for New Rules!

    I guess my only progress update is that I've finally got my mom doing NROL4W.  So awesome.  She called me yesterday for tips on some things, since she just could not do the prone jackknifes.  It's a strange feeling to have your mom say to you "you're my hero".  I'm so used to that statement being directed the other way.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • I posted my progress a few threads down with pictures. BUT the scale said I had lost 45 lbs yesterday. I'm pretty thrilled about that. 3 weeks until my first fitting, and I'm not crazy about how my back looks in the dress. Back to business!
  • yay for kicking a diet coke habit - its such an energy killer!

    all i've got is that i need to get back on track with workouts because some family drama (can you believe this?) has kept me up the past couple of nights and i haven't been able to workout. now that it's smoothed over, though, i'm digging in! and i didn't weigh in this week because i just finished up my tom and i just don't want to see the water weight piled on too! haha

    good work everyone! :]
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  • I am down 1.5 pounds this week, and I have lost 1" in my thigh since 3 weeks ago. Apparently all the running I am doing is starting to have really good results. YAY
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  • Okay... now I'm just being an AW. But I found the pictures of me trying on dresses last August before my weight loss journey began.

    August 2009 - just a random dress (size 20)

    Today - MY dress (size 14)

  • AW is right, favorite! way to go :]
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  • Took my measurements today, I'm down a total of 10.5 inches overall from last month! Including: 4 inches at my natural waist, 2 inches at my waist at my belly button, 2 inches off my hips, an inch off my thigh, half an inch of my calf, half an inch of my arm, and half an inch off my neck. Woohoo! My jeans are definitely feeling looser, too. And still down 7 pounds.
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    [QUOTE]Okay... now I'm just being an AW. But I found the pictures of me trying on dresses last August before my weight loss journey began.
    Posted by FavoriteOne[/QUOTE]

    By all means, whore it up! You've come a long way and deserve it :)
  • Wow for the progress everyone!!!

    FavoriteOne: A whore away!! You definitely deserve it. And I personally LOVE to see people's progress pics!

    lmark: same to you on the pics; looking good!

    my update:
    ~down 1.6 this week...I'm thisclose to being 20 lbs down: 19.stupid 4
    ~I tried on some dresses in my closet that were entirely toooo tight and one is almost too loose.
    ~haven't done my measurements but believe I've lost something from the girls! (I rarely lose up there)
    ~had about 4 diff people notice the weight loss yesterday!

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  • Umm, my blond moment of the day: I just finally figured out what "AW" means due to this thread. I've always seen it posted but never knew (or bothered to find out) what it referenced. Duh.
    But I agree, incredible and inspiring progress everyone!  I didn't check today since I ate lots of salty stuff yesterday and could feel the water weight. But I think on Tues I was down to 147 from 153 on March 15, so that's six pounds. I probably should wait to do any official reporting until after I finish up the bronchitis meds and can finally get my a-- back in gear after two weeks of no exercise.
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  • I have about three months until my wedding day and my goal is to lose 10 pounds each month, so 30 pounds! I started working a lot this week and lost 2 pounds so far.
    I hope I can reach my goal and fit into my dress!! Good luck to you all!
  • Good job everyone!  Way to go Favorite and Lmark-I can see SUCH a difference!

    No huge progress, but I'm currently wearing a fleece jacket that was too tight to get on over the winter.  I can zip it, but it's really snug then... I think in about 10 pounds it'll fit right.  I can't wait for those 10 lbs to come off!
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  • Been sticking to my workouts and eating ...this weekend is my bridal shower in CA...kind of nervous about that. I am bringing my gym pass and my goal is to maintain for the next week..sigh. After I return I have 4 weeks till my Vegas bachelorette party and a bathing suit...I will have to keep stepping it up. Ok, I guess I'll AW too..I can see a difference, can you? Dress fitting April 26th.

    When I bought the dress

    Obviously, a different dress. but it was in the same time frame as when I bought mine. Ok, gotta tone those arms! A little bit of tan might be nice too..haha
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  • I'm down 26 pounds since 1st of January, 18 pounds in the last 7 weeks.  I GAINED 1 pound from last Friday - today, which TOTALLY bummed me out.  But, I have to remember that I was horribly sick allllllll last week, hardly ate 1 meal a day all last week, and then definitely enjoyed my 1 fat day this past Sunday, which I normally don't do!  I'm doing my serious dress shopping in about 2 months, so I have about 20 pounds to go before I will be really excited to get into some dresses and actually like the way I look.

    I AM proud of myself for keeping up on my exercising this week...walking 3 miles at Town Lake in Austin Monday & Wednesday.  I'm waiting for traffic to die down before I head down there this evening, and I'm crossing my fingers that we don't have a torrential downpour tomorrow like the weather keeps predicting. I KNOW I can do this!  I REFUSE to be a chubby bride! Anniversary
  • I am sort of at a plateau, which sucks in a way but I am trying to see it in a positive light that I am actually maintaining at what is my lowest weight in years.  I am sooooo close to breaking through to a number that I haven't seen since probably teenage years and I want to get there so bad but I've been kind of slacking a bit lately. 

    Luckily, we're starting personal training soon so I'm hoping that will be the kick start that my mind and body need to get over the plateau. 
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