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Dress Cleaning

For all you married ladies, where did you take your dress to get cleaned or preserved after the wedding?

Re: Dress Cleaning

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    I'm not married yet, but dropped my dress of to be cleaned and preserved until my April wedding (it was a sample, had a little bit of dirt) at Wedding Gown Care Specialists, check out their website for a coupon.  That's all they do is wedding gowns, and come highly recommened. GL
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    Mine went to the regular old dry cleaners the Wedding Shoppe recommended.  It is still hanging but when I've got a spare bit of $$ I'm getting an archival garment box from a museum supply store and plan to fold my gown with acid free tissue between the layers and will store that way.  I worked in an archival lab in college - garments do NOT do well  long term sealed up with no ability to "breathe"  and I don't trust the boxes you see as kits that have cellophane windows and ink writing all over them.  Be sure to store it in a dry dark place no matter what you do with it though!  Attics and basements are usually bad choices.  Closets and under beds are ususally better options as long as you can keep it free of pests, etc.
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    I took mine to the wedding gown care specialists and was very happy with them.  I think it was cleaner than when I bought it.  It's wrapped in acid-free tissue and comes with gloves for handling it.  The box does not have writing or a clear window in it.  It's not sealed either (it does slide into a bigger box to keep out all light).  The lady recommeneded that I take it out every three years to fluff it and let it breathe.  It was about $200 and there's a coupon on the website.
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    Hmm.. I didn't really think of this for my dress, which I already bought and have, but my wedding isn't for a year.  Do I need to get it preserved or cleaned in the interim?  I have it stored in my mom's closet, which is dark and dry.  If I just take it out to breathe every few months, will that be fine?


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    I would call Karen at WGCS and see what she suggests.  Mine has a ton of bead work too, and I have heard that it can start to discolor, even if kept in a garment bag. If you haven't worn it, or if it's brand new I wouldn't think you would have to clean it, but I would consider preserving it in the box you will store it in after your wedding. GL
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