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Stupid (but annoying) story...

So FI and I went to Michaels this weekend because I had 60% off coupons and wanted to buy programs (2 boxes, which is why I needed him there).  I finally decided to just scrap the whole DIY invitations idea, and order some to be completely printed (the time saved is worth the added cost).  So we're standing in the wedding aisle and he tells me that pretty much ALL of the wedding invites/programs/place cards look cheap and he doesn't want the stationary to look cheap.  Uh, huh?  Where did this come from?

I've been to at least 5 weddings in the last 2-3 years, so I ask him, "Do you remember what xyz's invitations looked like?  They all end up in the trash anyway!"  Then he tries to tell me that not only does he think they look cheap, but I'll also have to hear it from my mom when she sees them (mom and I have a strained relationship as it is).

After 10mins of standing in Michaels going back and forth, we finally bought some really plain programs (just 1 box, so I didn't even need him there!) and I went home and requested a free sample of the invitation we were looking at so he can inspect it before we order anything.

Just random how he chimes in out of nowhere on things that I would never assume he would give a crap about.  The other thing he doesn't want to "look cheap" is the guestbook.  Whatever, dear....

Re: Stupid (but annoying) story...

  • Santorini2011Santorini2011 member
    edited December 2011
    LOL-I was standing in the same aisle wondering if the paper products looked cheap.  I was also wondering if it is right to buy cake toppers and "sentimental" items from a chain craft shop.  BTW-it helps to present the cost to win those arguments!  I learned that telling him how much we'd save can help to sway the vote. Good Luck
  • may37may37 member
    edited December 2011
    I know how you feel!! When you want an opinion you get nothing but when you have things planned out THEN they have an opinion! It figures!! Good luck and remember that a glass of wine always helps!
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