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How many florists?

Hi ladies! 

I was wondering, how many florists did you all consult with before choosing one?  I have gotten two proposals via email, and I LOVE the proposal from Difiori.  I also love the price and know they have a good reputation.  Would it be crazy just to sign a contract with them instead of shopping around? 

Just wondering what other brides think....
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Re: How many florists?

  • I did 2. That's funny you say that, because Difiori was the one I went to and didn't choose, solely because of the price. I love their work, I just got a much cheaper quote elsewhere.
    If you like the quote, no reason not to do it. Get another check out of the way!
  • My coordinator gave me a list of five or six, which I narrowed down to 2 based on pics on their webpages and reviews here, and then I chose one after consulting with both.  I agree with Cwagg, though.  If it feels right, go for it!



  • If they feel right for you, go with them. I looked at them also when picking my florist. They do great work but just not in my budget. I stopped once I realized I found the "one" lol. But I had only loked at maybe 4 companies.
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  • Thanks, ladies.  Now I'm wondering if I can get the same thing elsewhere for less $$....
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  • I think I got quotes from maybe 3 or 4 (but only met with 2 in person). Once I had a detailed quote from one, it was pretty easy to e-mail a few others to get a price comparison.

    But I agree with the others. There was a huge price difference with mine (she was by far the most affordable), so it was a pretty easy decision once I decided that I was comfortable with her. I used The Lily Pad. I believe Carrie (cwaggoner07) used Out of the Garden, which was also my second choice.  
  • I met with 3 and I based my decision not only on price, but also on how I connected with my florist--I felt she got my vision better than anyone else and went with her even though one of my other quotes was cheaper.  Flowers were very important to me, however, and I was going to have alot of them.
  • I just finished my 4th meeting last week and will be finished as soon as I get the proposals back. I really loved Dr. Delphinium but am terrified that their bid will be seriously huge. Since so much of this relationship has to be based on trust, I was mainly looking for someone who understood and can see my vision and loves it. I don't want to have to be there to oversee the floral composition, I need someone who will just "get it" without having to be managed.
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