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August 2012 Weddings

Weekend Updates :)

Fill us in on your WR and NWR things you did this weekend!

Re: Weekend Updates :)

  • WR:
    We registered!!! I posted about that before, but it is such a big check and I am glad to have it done. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond and Target and between the two stores spent a total of 7.5 hours registering! Whew. Thank goodness we did them in two different days. But now I am so excited to know that we will possibly be getting a good chunk of these items as gifts!!

    My FI and I went on a 45 minute sleigh ride while I was home for the weekend and went and had a steak dinner after that. It was such a nice relaxing date night to spend as just the two of us after registering for 5 hours on Sat. I also got my breaks changed on my car and fixed the problems on my laptop! Woo hoo. :)
  • WR: Sent in our catering deposit (woohoo!) and registered for pre-cana classes! Got two more addresses that we needed for STD/invitations.

    NWR: Took a weekend trip upstate to visit friends and old co-workers and enjoyed catching up. Mostly plan to spend most of the upcoming school vacation week trying to get over this cold...
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  • WR: Not a thing. It was a wedding free weekend. I guess we added more songs to our playlist?
    NWR: I worked. I went to a new restaurant in town. Nothing much. :P

    Also, my cray cray cousin who wanted to have her wedding the day of, then the week after, my wedding has changed it to November. I doubt she'll ever make up her mind. :P
  • WR - Had a catering tasting tonight and it was awesome. I sent emails to let the DJ and caterer know we have selected them and will be putting our deposit checks in the mail. Sent in our cake baker deposit last week but I think I forgot to list it on the previous update.

    NWR - We really need to stop having reasons for going to the ER/hospital. We have been there way too much over the past 5 months and none of the trips were for our own medical needs.
  • WR-  We picked our first dance song (after 5 months of debate!) - david pomeranz "on this day". We decided on our honeymoon (secrets wild orchid). We booked our florist and chair covers. We picked out tux/got groom fitted. We got both registries done (BBB and Macys). And then we went to dinner with his parents to hash out rehearsal dinner stuff.
    NWR- not much (see above)! We did take a lunch break to go to one of Michael Symons restaurants for a burger.
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    WR: We registered at BBB & Crate & Barrel this weekend. Still cannot find everyday plates that we like that we arent afraid of them breaking. Got the reference from the florist ive been waiting on. Had my first dress fitting on Thursday. Still need to finalize shoes options. Trying to plug along on deciding invititations. Another note found out cousin decided to set wedding date 2 weeks after mine.

    NWR: Took kitty to the vet to check on her sugar(way to crazy of a schedule to explain) Not much else besides going out for chinense buffet.
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  • WR: Booked the tuxes for the guys.  We're going VERY non-traditional.  The groomsmen will be wearing Zoot Suits, complete with the top hat and cane.  The ushers (our brothers) will be wearing the orange suit from Dumb & Dumber.  Our colors are orange and purple. The girls will be in a deep purple with orange flowers, and the guys will be accented in orange.
    We also picked out and purchased our wedding bands.  I have a simple princess cut diamond engagement ring, and we purchased a wrap around ring that has diamonds in it.  The style blew me away when I tried it on, and I can't wait to wear it!

    NWR: Had game night with FI's side of the family. Did an 8 mile run.
  • WR: well Billings was a semi bust- i did pick out invitations which was a great check and picked up the unity sand stuff!! Also picked up more flowers for the bouteneers and corsages but the centerpiece flowers totally stumped me! Plus it was hard to pick flowers with two hungry little girls fussing in the store. So will have to make another trip to finalize that! We also hashed out final details of who is paying for what. Placed deposits on photographer and reception sites. And have the dj picked but waiting to hear back from him on a price.

    NWR: went to the agro show- it was HUGE!!! Over 500 vendors, Sunday we all kicked back and recovered from the previous day. Whew!
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  • WR:
    Bought my dress, shoes and wedding bands.  :-)  We are pretty much done with everything at this point. Just some small details and last minute crafting things.  The big stuff is done!

    Ironman Training is in full commital mode.  Got back into the saddle and am ready to rock my testing week!  Great motivation for the wedding, since Ironman Florida is just 1.5 months after I get married!
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  • WR: Finished registering at Macy's and REI. I was really surprised how long it took. We were at Macy's 3 hours. REI was much easier, it only took 1 hour.

    NWR: Brought our cars in to get fixed (not at the same time). FI needed an oil change and I needed to get some body work done.
  • NWR: Fun and relaxing weekend away in California wine country.  Came back with 30 bottles of wine I think that means it was a successful trip. 

    WR: I didn't do anything but did get confirmation that my second flower girl received the dress and it fits and looks good.

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  • WR: We finalized the floral plan with the florist and also reserved our chairs and other items for our outdoor wedding.  And most excitingly, we booked the honeymoon to P*nta Cana!

    NWR: The future in-laws came for a visit, so we went our to dinner and bowling, and then out to lunch the next day.  It was fun to talk wedding stuff with my future MIL, and hang out with my future SIL, who is only 10 and is going to be a junior bridesmaid.
  • WR:  Nothing

    NWR:  We are remodeling so we just did a bunch of random things.
  • WR
    Finalized the rehearsal dinner with my in laws....I cant believe how lucky we are :)

    NWR: Today,  We went to the horse races and we won on a trifecta .....it was awesome!!
  • WR: Registered at C&B and Target.  These are our smaller registries, our biggest one will probably be BB&B, and we'll probably wait to do that for another month or so.  I also went with a BM to order her dress and then we did some catching up over lunch. 

    NWR:  Had a date night on Friday!
  • WR: Started registering at Target & Walmart, debating doing a small registry at Menards (we have home improvement projects to do, and we thought if we did a registry there people may get us gift cards to Menards)...

    NWR: Did NOTHING Saturday except play video games (well mine were on the WII so I consider mine to be working out lol, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Fit).. Just tried to be low key and relaxing this weekend as much as possible!!
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