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California-Orange County

wholesale flower warehouses in OC?

I'm looking to do my own flowers and haven't been too impressed with the wholesale spots in San Diego. Does anyone have any recommendations for the OC area?


Re: wholesale flower warehouses in OC?

  • lala90lala90 member
    edited December 2011
    The only place I know of is downtown LA. 

    I don't want to be negative but unless you are a florist or ameture florist I suggest hiring one.  I have said it before on this board that DIY flowers are insanely time consuming.  I helped a friend do her wedding flowers years ago and it took FOREVER!!!   I mean it took us like 12 hours and there were 2 or 3 people helping out most of the day.  We even ran out of flowers and then had to go buy more from the grocery store and they didn't match.  Plus our bouquets kinda looked uneven and not so hot :(

    If you do choose DIY flowers, I would pick really simple arrangements.  GOOD LUCK!! 

  • ms.ritaliums.ritaliu member
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    edited December 2011
    i would also suggest the flower district in downtown LA if you have specific flowers in mind.  I'm also doing my own flowers (just 3 bouquets), and i'm either going to make a trip out to LA or just pick up whatever trader joe's or costco has.  GL!
  • jenbatjenbat member
    edited December 2011
    I did my own flowers, but all I did was drop a bunch of peony roses in 12 vases. carnations in 2 vases and tie two bouquets.  Even that took a while, but flowers were not that important to me.  If you are high stress about the day, I wouldn't do it.  I was really relaxed about the whole thing, so it wasn't a problem.  Also, I would do a test run or two for your bouquet - it will go faster on your wedding.

    I ordered mine from fiftyflowers.com.  They came on a Thursday for a Saturday wedding.  I purchased 12 dozen peony roses and 6 dozen white carnations.You need to put them in water asap to rehydrate and then let them open.  If they open too fast, put ice in the buckets to keep the water cold.  I got them for about $350.  There is some work involved, but at least you don't have to run around looking for flowers at the last minute.

    Remember that you will need buckets to keep the flowers fresh, clippers, floral tape, wire and maybe pins - if you are doing bouquets.  I found instructions through Google (don't remember where) and did my test runs on flowers from my garden.  Good luck.
  • aghafariaghafari member
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    There's a place in Costa Mesa near South Coast Plaza, I think it's on Bear street
  • edited December 2011

    There is a wholesale flower store that was on McFadden Dale off the 55 next to where the old shinoda's was. Not sure if it was still there.

    If you are looking for cheap but beautiful flowers I saw a place at a bridal show that was super cheap but beautiful if you just need a few things done.

    It was something like OC wholesale growers or so. If you want the info email me and I can find it out for you

    lmslavik at gmail dot com

  • kasarinkasarin member
    edited December 2011
    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_california-orange-county_wholesale-flower-warehouses-oc?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:63Discussion:1cc05b02-fba4-46c2-b11d-75f64fc20601Post:14e7fa37-2609-412a-95aa-16fcd95d5f9c"><u><font color="#0000ff">Re: wholesale flower warehouses in OC?</font></u></a>:
    [QUOTE]There is a wholesale flower store that was on McFadden Dale off the 55 next to where the old shinoda's was.
    Posted by futuremrskelliott[/QUOTE]

    I bought flowers at OC Wholesale Flowers for a party (it is on Dyer next to the new shinoda) and I don't recommend it. While they did have good prices on some things, you could get roses at Costco for less. Also, the roses that I bought there had these bubbles in them and we had to throw most of the roses away. My mom does flowers and she was not happy with this place.

    Have you tried Flowers and Supplies in San Diego? I don't know about their flowers- I only ordered floralytes from them.
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