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WR vent

I'm having feelings of jealousy towards my cousin who is getting married next fall. They are somehwat geared towards her and somewhat geared towards FI. My cousin is really untradional and has amazing ideas. Orginally I wanted to hold our reception at a sugar shack (because we were planning on a fall wedding until we decided to wait a few more months) but FI hated the idea. Well, guess where my cousin is planning on having her reception? A sugar shack.

I have nothing agasint reception halls, but it just wasn't what I really wanted but it was what FI wanted so I agreed. I'm extremly happy with the venue we choose but I'm also jealous.

UGH! To make matters worse, my mom is constantly talking about my cousins wedding and how "cool" it's going to be because it's not your "typical" wedding, which mine will be. I just wanna scream when she talks about.

Now I'm turning into a whiney bridezilla. Sorry.
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Re: WR vent

  • It's okay.  I mean I understand you wanting the sugar shack, but it was super nice of you to let your FI have a say where y'all get married.  If your mom knows how badly you wanted to have your wedding there, it's not exactly nice/fair of her to talk about how cool it's going to be.  I'm sure your wedding will be fun and amazing no matter where the reception is.  

    I have a jealousy issue to but it's only really reserved for people getting engaged and married during our engagement of 17 months.  I would have loved a shorter engagement, but my parents refused to help at all until we were out of school.  Every single time someone I went/go to school with gets engaged and sets their date before ours I get a little bit jealous and wish our wedding was sooner.  But it can't be.  Unless we eloped and then I have a feeling my parents would be so mad it wouldn't be worth the fallout.

    You definitely aren't the only one with any jealous tendencies, I can promise you that.  I'm pretty sure we all have them at some point.
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  • I totally hear you. I'm in a typical venue as well (country club) due solely to budget. My only suggestion to focus on unique details. Even though the space may be typical, you can still take the time to plan some funky details. Good luck!
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  • It is hard not to get jealous sometimes. My FI brother got married last September with a very traditional everything, and I am trying to plan something the opposite but all I keep hearing about is their wedding. I guess it just doesnt fail that people always feel the need to compare things. It is annoying, but I honestly don't know what to do but ignore it.

    I agree with focursing on the details. You would be surprised how much the little things will matter. Then just learn from the mistakes that they make this fall and see what little things go wrong so you can make your day that much more thought out and organized.
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  • I dont think your being a bridezilla at all.  let everyone talk about this other wedding. No weddign will be any better then your wedding. That will be the day that you marry the person  you love and that is what is important.
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  • I think how your feeling is normal especially since you wanted the Sugar Shack, but I also think was very nice of you compromise with your fiance on the venue. Maybe talk with your mom an explain to her you'd rather discuss your own wedding. I have pangs of jealousy too mine are way petty and embarrassing so I won't even say them lol but it's completely normal. I think as long as you don't go trying to tell your cousin what she can and cannot do your fine.
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    [QUOTE]I dont think your being a bridezilla at all.  let everyone talk about this other wedding. No weddign will be any better then your wedding. That will be the day that you marry the person  you love and that is what is important.
    Posted by hisbabygirl76[/QUOTE]
    If you really want things to be unique, there are lots of ways to do this.  I originally wanted a small, untraditional wedding, but because of the size of my FI's family, we are having large wedding.  This meant we had to have it at a more traditional venue due to size, but I'm working hard at creating untraditional details and still making it feel more like an elegant party rather than a traditional wedding.  
    I completely understand the jealousy thing.   I find myself over reacting to my FSIL' s wedding, which is in the fall.  I honestly wouldn't want a wedding like hers at all, but it makes me jealous knowing that her wedding is everything my FI's family wants and expects, and ours won't be.  Part of me wants to please his family, but the bigger part of me doesn't want to spend all this money on a wedding I would hate, so here we are.

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  • I've mostly had little pangs of jealousy toward couples that got engaged after FI and I and that are getting married sooner than FI and I. I don't blame you at all for the feelings you have, if I were in your place- I'd feel the same way.

    I do agree with PP that it's not right how your mom keeps bringing it up and singing its praises. That certainly doesn't make it any better!
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  • Whats a sugar shack?
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    In Response to Re: WR vent:
    [QUOTE]Whats a sugar shack?
    Posted by jenniferbrito[/QUOTE]

    It where you go sugaring off. They make their maple syrup there. You eat a huge breakfast/brunch/lunch, there is a petting zoo, walking trails, syrup on stick.
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