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Photographer for bridal shower?

I'm considering hiring a photographer for my bridal shower. Have any of y'all done this or know of anyone that's done this?

Re: Photographer for bridal shower?

  • I think it's a rarity.  It's done, I'm sure, but not often.  How big is your bridal shower?  It's probably just my perspective, but friends/family snapping a few shots would be plenty in my book.  But if it's something that you really care about, then go ahead.  I would probably still run it by the hostess first just so she's not surprised the day of, however.
  • I've never heard of a professional photographer at a shower.  Think about it do you really want a stranger taking pics of you opening lingerie (that is if you get some).
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  • More than likely one of your BMs or other guests will take plenty of pictures.  I think hiring a photographer would be unneccessary.  Plus, they might charge you an arm and a leg for a few hours out of their day when they could be shooting a wedding or some other more lucrative event.
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