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my menu is boring. help!

Fi and I are having an october evening wedding, with accomanying bonfire during the reception. We have multiple musician friends, so the music will be ipod/impromptu music by them.. we're really going for a casual, fun evening because were there to CELEBRATE! :-) 

however my menu... lackluster. my caterer is a family friend and will make anything we ask. We are VERY budget conscious, yet want a more fun menu..

Here is what we have so far.. please. Suggest things we can do without, or cool things we can add!

spinach dip

green salad w walnuts, berries and gorgonzola cheese
potato soup

Roast Beef
rst potatoes
green beans
sweet potatoes

pimpkin pie
shoofly pie
whoopie pies

Re: my menu is boring. help!

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    if you are having a bonfire, I sure hope you'd have stuff on hand for s'mores and roasting sticks!  what about having some twists on the classic like pumpkin roll instead of a pie or jazzing up the appetizers with mini quiches or bacon wrapped asparagus? 
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    I agree with PPs... I think that a way to add some excitement would be to add appetizers.  I think if you mess too much with a main meal, people might not eat it, and you don't want them to be hungry!  At least with an appetizer they choose if they want to eat it or pick something else.

    I also completely second the smore thing!
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    Hmmmm. Sounds good to me!

    Suggestions? Maybe less pies (although, I would take one of each if I could)? My favorite appetizers are prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe and baked caprese salad--toasted baguette with mozzarella, tomato, and basil! Drool....
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