I got my pictures!!!

I can't believe how well they turned out... Here they are:

www.seemyprints.com%2fphotographer.asp%3faccountid%3d8004641" target="_blank">http://www.seemyprints.com/photographer.asp?accountid=8004641

Go to Rachel and Jesse Wedding, password is June11.

Some fun facts:
 - My mom and grandmother made my dress and all the bridesmaids' dresses.
 - My dad lost 50 lbs before this wedding.
 - Jesse lost his voice a couple of days before the wedding. 
 - We served communion to all of our guests during the ceremony. As a result, the wedding itself lasted about an hour and a half!
 - Jesse's nephew interrupted the mother/son dance.
 - Even though we had a photo booth, Jesse and I only got in there once!


Re: I got my pictures!!!

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    The pictures are stunning!  Looks like a wonderful wedding with a beautiful bride :) I cannot believe your mother and grandmother made that dress!!  It's incredible!
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    Great pics! I also can't believe your mom and grandma made those dresses... that is so cool. I really liked how your bridesmaid dresses had corsetted backs-- those are so flattering! Congrats on a beautiful wedding.
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    Thanks guys!!

     I know... I still can't believe they pulled that off, either. They kept saying never again, though, haha! It was so much work and SUCH a hassle! I definitely recommend just buying one. But on the other hand, I'm the only girl in the world with that dress.
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    You have some really great pics!!  I, too, am amazed by the dresses!  Is sewing just a hobby for your mom and grandma?  ...If so, that's was hobby that they've mastered!
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    Cschuma - Well, my grandmother made my mom's wedding dress when she got married, although her's was a LOT more simple than mine. Both of them have enjoyed sewing as a hobby, and they've tackled some pretty intense projects before. For instance, they made my dad's ordination stole (which he designed) for when he was ordained as a pastor, and that was a LOT of work. With my dress, we were trying to recreate one that I had tried on at Atlas Bridal, which is where we got the asymmetrical ruching idea. Finding a pattern was absolutely ridiculous. Neither of them think of themselves as being super creative - both like to just follow the instructions, so this was a big stretch for them! I can't believe how well they rose to the challenge. Smile

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    They are beautiful!
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    Very nice pics and a wonderful job on your dress.
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