someone to marry you?

Does anyone have any wedding officiant reccs? I'm having a heck of a time finding either a minister, or a notary. I keep finding the same three people listed on every website that offers vendor help. How did you find your officiant?

Also, does the knot website make anyone else's computer go crazy? Everytime I'm on this website my computer freezes up.

Also, last night my FI went out with some old coworkers and ate mashed potato pizza! I just thought I would share my insane jealousy over this. delicious.

Re: someone to marry you?

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    I had a really hard time with this too! My mom mentioned that any lawyers who are Maine residents can marry you, so I ended up asking an attorney that my dad knows. 

    We're doing the ceremony/cocktail hour on a boat and for some reason I thought it would be really awkward having an officiant we barely know out there on the boat with us for 2 hours. Now that it's a friend of the family, I feel a little better about it.

    By the way, I think on the Maine website they have a link to a list of notaries that you can search by location if that might help:

    P.S. That pizza sounds tasty!
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    i am using Jill Allen

    she also reccomended

    good luck

    mashed potato pizza sounds so good! My fi loves bacon pickles pizza haha, believe it or not its good!
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    Did he go to Otto's in Portland?  FI wants to go there?

    My boss is a notary and is officiating our wedding.  I'm very close to him, and I can't imagine anyone else doing it.  He generally only does family weddings though, so I don't think he hires himself out to do stranger's weddings, so I'm no help in that department!

    Why not have a close friend become ordained online and perform the ceremony for you?
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    These were really helpful suggestions, thank you!

    Yes, he went to Ottos! He said it was really good...he doesn't eat cheese and he still thought it was delicious.

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