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Bachelorette theme with no ideas!!

I have a great idea for a bachlorette but am falling short on how to pull it off.  Any advice would or idea would be awesome.  We are renting a house in the mountains in a small little town near the city we live.  There will be a hot tub and a lake but it will be in the end of March, which can be a little cold.  There are 6 bridesmaids and then the bride makes 7.  I was thinking of doing a 7 deadly sins theme.  We are looking for things to mostly do in the house and not have to travel into the town.  Any gifts to go with the theme for the party guests will be awesome too!!! Thanks!!

Re: Bachelorette theme with no ideas!!

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    Agreed.  You don't need a theme.
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    I like the idea of a Themed Bach party. 
    Assign each of the guest one of the Seven Deadly Sins and have their gifts resemble their "Sin".
    The bride can be "Greed" since she's getting all of the stuff or "Vanity" since everyone will be paying attention to her (just make sure she's a good sport about it!).
    Sloth can bring relaxation gifts,
    I will keep thinking and googling and repost once I have more ideas! Good luck!

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    I like this idea! And MrsDes's suggestions. Maybe something really indulgent, food-wise, for gluttony. And some silly Truth or Dare game for Lust? This is super cute and I may just let my MOH know about it ;)
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