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Newbie to DFW area with a?

Hi ladies, hope it's ok to barge in on your board with a nonwedding q. My h and I are new to the DFW area, and I have a couple of girlfriends from back east coming to visit in a few weeks. Can anyone suggest some fun things to do, or restaurants to go to for dinner? I'm in Keller, so closer to Ft Worth, but a day trip or evening in Dallas isn't out of the question. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Newbie to DFW area with a?

  • Unfortunately I don't know much about Ft. Worth, but hopefully some other ladies will chime in.

    In Dallas I definitely recommend going out to eat in Uptown or going to one of the museums there.  I love the Aquarium and I know the Perot Museum is REALLY cool, although I haven't been yet.

    There's also a great restaurant called Love and War in Texas that serves food from all over the state, and there's one in Grapevine, so that wouldn't be AS FAR as going into Dallas!




  • Keller is a nice town.  :)  My parents live there.  Downtown FTW is fun for dinner and drinks (I think, although I don't drink so I can't say for sure :).  Sundance Square is fun, and everything is pretty much within walking distance.
    Grapevine is also fun and closer to you....Main St. has a lot of fun places, shops, bars, etc.   Then the monstrous mall could be fun if you want to shop.
    If you do go into Dallas, there is SO MUCH to do...
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  • I always hear great things about Four Day Weekend.
  • I live in the Keller area and depending if yall are wanting to just go to dinner or a fun night out.  There is Glass Cactus @ the Gaylord Hotel.  It has cover bands that are a lot of fun.  For dinner there are good places to go to on 7th Street downtown and chill bars.  In the Keller area you could check out Houlihans or Ha Na Bi Hibachi is really good, these are both in the Alliance shopping center.  Hope this helps!!!
  • You should also check out Babes Chicken in Roanoke, that has some good Texas food.  Chicken and mashed potatoes! YUMMY!
  • I second Four Day Weekend, absolutely LOVED it!
  • You could always do Reata in downtown FW for Texas-y food. If you're wanting higher end, there's a newer place called Capital Grille that's delicious but definitely a bit pricey.

    Another area that is really cute and has lots of options is Historic Southside (Magnolia Ave). It's on the southside of Fort Worth and while parking isn't the best, there are many restaurants and bars to walk to. Our favorite is Cat City Grill to eat. There's also Nonna Tata for authentic italian food (but be forewarned, it's tiny) and Lili's for American. The Usual is a bar with prohibition era-styled drinks, Zio Carlo's is a brew pub and Brewed is a brew pub/coffee bar that I've heard is pretty cool. My favorite "chill" bar is the Gingerman though (off of Camp Bowie).
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