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Getting Ready Shirts

I found a nice seller on etsy who will charge $48 (ETA: $48 for all 4 tank tops) plus shipping for tank tops with lace at the top for MOH, BM, Bride and MOTB shirts...I figured we can wear these the day before the wedding when we are all hanging out and the day of before we get ready!

Is the price worth it?  I found a place that sells the decals for $6 for me to iron on, if I get lucky and find $5 tanks it'll be worth it I guess.  If I can't, I'd rather buy them done!  I may just get them, just needed some feedback :-)  links to follow!
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Re: Getting Ready Shirts

  • Judging without seeing them, I would have to say you should look someswhere cheaper or get the iron decal yourself. But if they really mean than much to you, purchase it. If not, keep looking. It all depends on what you value. I personally think that tank tops should be cheaper. 

    I'm a major bargain hunter, when it comes to anything but shoes though. (Mind you I just spend hundreds of dollars on shoes)  I feel a huge rush when I find something on sale. 
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    I'm with Terri - it's hard to judge without seeing them, but it does seem a little steep. The thing with getting the iron decals and tanks for DIY and you're less than 4 weeks away, do you have time? Ultimately it's up to you! :-)

    Edit - is the $48 cost the total for all the shirts you want to order, or each?
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  • Sorry, work is busy!

    $48 total for all 4 shirts plus shipping's not a necessity, but would be nice.  The more I think about it, the more I feel I should pass or find something else for us to wear...maybe a necklace with the words hanging from them?

    here are the shirts

    purple tanks (white for me)

    here are the iron on decals (which are NOT $6 they are more!) don't think this route is worth it:

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  • I think they are cute !
  • When I read your first post I thought you were saying they were $48 each.  $48 for all of them is really not a bad price in my opinion! And the lace is much cuter than most cheapo tanks you will find to iron the decals on yourself. 

    I got pretty inexpensive robes from target for all the bridesmaids, and found iron on monogram rhinestones for super cheap on amazon - so the robes will be personalized and they can wear them again since they won't say "bridesmaid."  My FI bought me the victoria's secret "bride" robe for christmas so I figured it would be cute for pictures for us to wear robes while getting ready.  Just an idea.   
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  • Ohh, the monogram idea is cute!  I like the idea of them being able to wear them again...I will price the robes as another option :-)

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  • try wet seal they have black tank tops 5 for $20
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