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No Floor or Rain (Sorry Long)

I have been looking at an area that has a beautiful wedding area but if it rains the inside area can only hold fifty. I know I am bound to have a big wedding being that my family and my FI's family is huge. But I would really love to get married here. But I also don't like the inside hall.

It also cost more for each chair over fifty so how could I have an intimate wedding without upsetting anyone mostly just because the cost thing.

But I also want to have a bigger reception than the wedding. This is mostly because I have such a large family I don't half remember but they seem to remember me and they would be upset if not invited. And my mother acts as if I should know them. This is your great aunt millie that you haven't seen in thirteen years. Well they have an inside area that holds a hundered but I'm expecting at least two hundered, so I would have to use the tent which doesn't have a floor. It has a dance floor but not an entire floor through out the whole thing. Which I'm not a fan of being that I don't want bugs on my food or my heels sinking into the ground. It is a small Inn and I would like to have my reception there because it is quite nice and I wouldn't have to drive to a different reception area. and then my guest can stay at the Inn if they are to far from home.

So what can I do about the issue of the no floor because that is a really big turn off? And if it rains I don't want to have my wedding there so what can I do if it rains?

Re: No Floor or Rain (Sorry Long)

  • If you invite someone to the ceremony, you have to invite them to the reception. It is very rude to not invite them to both.

    Is your mother contributing to the wedding? If yes, then she does have a bit of say when it comes to planning. If no, then you have every right to say "mom, our budget will only allow blank number of people, I have to leave a few people out"

    It sounds like you need a whole other alternative site if it rains. I have seen a local wedding in my area that said if it's sunny we'll see you at such and such State Park, if it's rainy we'll see you at the indoor site.

    You would have to make sure they are relatively close, just in case, and you would have to book both of them just in case. It would make things a little more difficult. But, unless your willing to cut the guest list, I don't think you have much of a choice.

    Hope that helps.
  • I know my mom has a say in the wedding especialy because she is footing the bill but I just don't want a whole bunch of people I don't remember there. And I wanted a romantic, intimate wedding, not a giant one.
  • I peeked at your bio and see you are not getting married until October 2011. That is a lot of time before your wedding.

    You may love this venue, but it doesn't sound like it fits your situation. I'd continue looking, as there are tons of places in Michigan that would fit your situation better, and you might love even more.

    Post on your local boards to see if you can find something better that will allow your Mother (who is paying) to get what she wants to pay for, and you to have a wedding that fits your dreams. If the main issue is the size of the wedding, the prior poster is right: pay for it yourselves, and you get all the say in the matter. If your Mom is paying, she is in charge. The money talks (somewhat) in wedding planning.

    Good luck.
  • It really sounds like this is an ideal site for 50 people. Unfortunately I think you may need to find an ideal site for 200 people! 
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    If the floor is the problem, Floor rental lis not that expensive if you shop around.
  • hmmm didn't even think about a floor rental
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