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Weightloss Wednesday

Haha I wasn't going to post this bc I know I will not be thinking much about dieting today.

How are you girls handling the holiday and weight loss?

Re: Weightloss Wednesday

  • I will try to eat smaller portions of everything today. Eat a lot of watermelon too! Lol
  • Right with ya!!  And I think I made my best ever pasta salad for a picnic, which Pasta salad IS my summer DOWN FALL, SO I did some EXTRA minutes on the treadmill this morning!!  :)
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  • I did a little exercise this morning and will be hitting the gym first thing tomorrow. I'm just going to a party for a few hours so I don't think it will be too bad. The good thing is I have invisalign so I'm less likely to snack all day. Also, everything in moderation.
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    I just purchased the New Rules for Lifting for Women.  I have been reading it and am excited but nervous to start lifting.  My eating habits still have been pretty good and i have been better about tracking calories.  I have been going on the elliptical almost everyday for an hour.

    I put my weight into a bmi calculator the other day and it says that i was at the upper edge of 'normal' and no longer overweight! That was exciting:)
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  • I feel justified in taking a break from my diet today, because I was under 145 at my weigh in this week! I haven't seen that number on my scale in years!
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  • My FI and I aren't going anywhere today, and don't have anyone visiting, so it was easy to keep to our diets, we only grilled two hamburgers, and had grilled corn on the cob as a side instead of of chips or pasta salad.
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  • We've been on a mini vacation the last few days (we're both going back to work tomorrow) and I have gained a few pounds.  But I accept that this will happen on vacation and I'll be back at it tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll lose the extra couple pounds quickly!
  • NO celebrating here in Canada today... hehe
    I just recived my core ball work out DVD and have been going to the gym more often, along with watching what I eat

    mind you have a cake due for this weekend for a client... so TRY not to nibble on the scraps is another story LOL
  • Trying to eat more fruit than anything else today. But my son is visiting from out of town and requested philly cheesesteaks for dinner, so that will definitely be outside the diet plan! LOL. On the other hand, FI is a tennis player and took me to buy a tennis racket and a cute little tennis outfit and we played for about an hour today and plan to play a few days a week. Lots of fun and good exercise.
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  • I went to my martial arts class last night since I would miss todays!  Also both FI and I eat small portions and no carbs, so this holiday is just as challenging as any other day :-(  Its hard to watch everyone around us enjoying everything we can't but we know our end result is what makes this whole process worth it :-)
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  • C25K this morning and no parties for me :( So no problem...this weekend however is another story, friends coming in from out of town.
    I did start this new diet it is called Slim Calm Sexy Diet and it really is more of a life plan then a diet. It starts with a 2 day cleanse which was not bad at all and I lost 2 lbs and then another .5 the next day. So I'm feeling pretty good!
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  • I ran 3 miles this morning bc the gym closed at 12 so i couldnt go to my usual classes and i took small bites of everything so i didnt deprive myself=)
  • I didn't do too well AT ALL on eating yesterday, but my cardio dance class was twice as long in celebration of the holiday so I ended up not gaining anything *thank goodness*! The only trouble is that now I'm here at my parents and there's no good way to exercise here unless it's crazy early or really late at night...and it just gets sketchy out! 
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