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MOH horrified at "duties" - LONG

Hi Everyone, this is my first post as I am a serial lurker but I just wanted to see if this had ever happened to anyone else.

Even though my wedding is May next year I have already asked my closest friend "N" to be my Maid of Honour.  I know that it is quite early to be asking but I am only having "N" as an attendant so hopefully it will turn out ok.

I went to visit "N" yesterday just to hang out and she asked about the wedding and what her "duties" were. 

I told her that all she has to do was
1) pick a dress that was pink and knee length.
2) wear that dress and be clean and sober and on time on the day of the wedding (not a major issue as she isn't a drinker or flaky but still lol) and
 3) smile in the photos.

She was HORRIFIED that that that was all "she got to do".  I thought that I was being nice and following etiquette and "N" got upset at the thought of not helping with anything.  I said if she wanted to throw me a shower or a B-Party that would be great but I wouldn't die of sadness if she didn't.

So am I crazy for not expecting more from her?  Or does "N" just need to stop believing what the wedding industry says "must be done or else"?

Thanks for staying with me ladies :) xoxo

Re: MOH horrified at "duties" - LONG

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    I think that part of the reason "N" nearly lost her mind was that she has been a bridesmaid so many times before and everyone else expected her to drop her whole life to focus on the wedding.

    I'm trying to be as considerate as I can since I know that her work life is super hectic and her European family is crazier than my European family lol.

    So glad to hear that NOT being a Bridezilla is the way to go :)
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