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So.  I'm trying to convince Tim  (the fiance) that we should do a minimoon when we get married then wait till January or Aprilish to go on our full honeymoon. 

Main reason:  We're getting married in September, the middle of hurricane season.  We know we want to go on a cruise (we're big fans!) but I don't want to have our whole trip derailed by one.  Also, all cruises currently listed after our wedding in September are to places we've mostly already been. No need to go to the same place twice when we still have places that we haven't hit yet!

If you guys can think of ANYWHERE to go..Please make a huge list for me :)  I'm going to show Tim that there are options to minimoons!

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    We did a mini-moon last weekend. . at least we consider it that. We just went up to Busch Gardens with our neighbors, so while it wasn't just us. . .it was amazingly fun!

    Our finances were tight after the wedding so we didn't want to risk anything since we just bought a house. We'll probably be taking a longer one after I graduate next year :o)

    I dont know of anywhere you could go. . . but I think it's a good idea.  Have you guys done Alaska yet? My grandparents did a cruise up there and LOVEEEEED it. :o)
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    We haven't done Alaska yet but Tim's one thing for the honeymoon is "warm weather."  So Alaska's out, at least for the honeymoon!

    I went crazy 2 years ago and planned a 17 day trip through Oct/Nov (it's colder then).  I thought we could maybe do Europe again but he says he wants some beaches too.

    We thought about Hawaii also, but after all expenses that's looking like a little over 7k, which doesn't fit into the finances currently.  I'm doing the DR Debt Snowball (like a mad woman) so we're trying to keep our honeymoon low priced we're stuck in the carribean pretty much.  And now we're running out of islands!

    I found a cruise that goes to Belize, Honduras, and Colombia on part of it, but it's not till January.  So hopefully I can convice him of mini moon now then he gets his big honeymoon later :)  I never thought of a theme park type thing for minimoon though!  I'll have to throw that idea at him!
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    Savannah, Charleston, and any NC beach town are all good ideas for mini-moons.  You can rent houses on the coast for much less than a Caribbean hotel, though obviously the beaches aren't quite the same! 

    I think it's a great idea, you'll be able to save up until the trip, and also save money if you go in the off-season.
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    Key West?  Don't know how expensive that is
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    personally i think you need that time after the wedding to get away alone. 

    saving a honeymoon until months later makes it just another trip.  you can pretend the later trip is a honeymoon but it's really not and it will never feel that way. 

    buy the travel insurance if hurricanes are a worry.  remember cruise ships do have steering wheels.
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    hey! i would definitely second charleston if you're wanting to do a beach- the food is so yummy, and it would be totally worth it to spend at least one night in one of the historic inns downtown.

    FI are attending a wedding in seattle later this year, and going for the long weekend- so maybe you could do something like that! Seattle, San Fran, San Diego, Chicago- all fantastic cities!
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    I think Charleston or something at the beach would be lovely for a few days. You could get a nice getaway and save for a longer vacation later.  Also, since it will be fall, the mountains of NC are very nice around that time. 
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    Somehow Charleston never crossed my mind?  I think that sounds awesome!  I told Tim we should do the mountains too, but I don't think he's incredibly excited about that.  We both graduated college in the mountains so we've seen a lot of it. 

    Thanks for all the ideas :)
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    Charleston is great and has the most fantastic restaurants and wonderful hotels.  Or, if you prefer the beach, you can stay out on the Isle of Palms and come in to Charleston as you choose to.  In Charleston, I stayed at the French Quarter Inn for a conference a couple of years ago and it was one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in.  It was so sound proofed you couldn't year the vacuum cleaners in the hallway when you were in the room.  It's small, intimate, and romantic; and walking distance to many of the fine restaurants and attractions  in town.  One of the other great things they have are these wonderful historic tours, many by carriage, if you're into that.
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    It sounds a lot like Savannah sort of (which I ADORE!).  I've been to Charleston a couple of times when I was younger.  We always spent most of our time at the ice rink though, my lil' brother used to play travel ice hockey.  However, I do know the ice rink is far above average!

    I'll have to look into that hotel, sounds awesome!
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    You may want to consider how the oil spill may impact your mini-moon. Just a thought!

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    Andrea, that's the point of a mini-moon, they will be going somewhere closer and then going on a bigger trip later.

    I'm doing a mini-moon, and I think it's a great idea! I love the idea of going to Europe but we're going to be too exhausted after the wedding to fly all the way there and do things in a week. So, we've decided to go to the mountains for 4 days after the wedding, and then we'll do the Europe honeymoon in the spring. :) I love the mountains for quiet vacations, we're most likely going to rent a cabin near Asheville so we can do some hiking and also go to nice restaurants and such.

    I like the idea of Charleston too, or NC Coast. Florida even isn't too far- I think St. Augustine is like 9 hours driving from Chapel Hill, at least. Kinda long actually but you could definitely fly. Flying there is pretty quick, and it's super pretty in St. Augustine. :)
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