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Has anyone else had their ceremony and/or reception at the Rococo Theatre? I am and they have been difficult to deal with, so I was hoping for some reassurance that everything will go well. Thanks!

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    [QUOTE]Hi I know this is belated a lot, and I hope not too late. I happen to be a student photographer who does weddings to make some money on the side and have done a few weddings in the is THE darkest building in Lincoln and because of the high ceilings unless you use a more expensive photographer with a little extra lighting equipment and a much higher quality camera your pictures will suffer : I've pulled it off very nicely but know that every photographer even the pros in Lincoln dread the Rococo. Other than that though the weddings I've seen there have all gone very smoothly!
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    Even with the darkness, is it possible to have good photos? Now I am even more nervous. :(
  • yes it is more than possible if you have a good photographer!  don't hesitate to take some outside too, downtown can be really fun for photos, and inside just prepare for the photog to need some flash.  Perfectly do-able!
  • I hope i'm not to late as well! I am getting married there in December! I haven't found Pam to be to hard, I think you just need to be very direct with her. I emailed her a ton of questions the other day that i needed answers to for other vendors. She wrote me back on every single one, like 1., 2., 3. very direct. I got all my answers and it was easy. I've been there a few times years ago, I live in CA now and haven't gotten to tour. We're not going back until November to look at it. Is there anything I should know or any questions maybe I can answer? I'm more worried about the food with their caterer.
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