new to marriage any help

Hello eveyone mt name is chet, me and my finece jeanny are getting married in may of 2014, if y could give me any points would be helpful

Re: new to marriage any help

  • Hi Chet - I am a 3 time lansing MOB.  I see you are from Toledo, are you getting married in MI?

    Since you have some time, I suggest perusing the etiquette board.  Put your thick skin on because it is pretty blunt over there but they won't steer you wrong.  Read  A LOT, you will learn what is cool, and what is considered poor manners.

    I can tell you that this is how we plan weddings:

    1.  figure out your total budget.  It is up to you guys to pay for your wedding unless someone offers.
    2.  Make your guest list.  Keep in mind that every couple has to make some painful cuts.  Anyone dating someone regularly (if they say they are dating, then they are dating regularly) needs to have that person invited with them.  It is very poor manners to split up a couple.  Doesn't matter if you have met their date or not.

    3.  Once you finalize your guest list THEN you figure out what venue and what time of day you can afford to host all of these people.  If you have your reception at meal time, you need to feed them a meal.  You can go 2 pm or 8 pm for your wedding and just do cake and apps, but other than that, you are probably looking at a meal.  

    Many couples will pick out a venue and make plans and THEN they have way too many people on the guest list and can't afford it.  Save the venue and those details for after the budget and guest list.

    Remember that your reception is usually about 60% (could be more) of your total budget.  Also, remember to budget in all of your tips and gratuities.  The one for your caterer will be a whopper.  If forgot that with first DD and that was an almost 800.00 surprise!

    Good luck!

  • Hi Chet and welcome to the board.  Kmmssg gave you a lot of great advice.  When you have an idea of the type of wedding you want (formal, casual, country, trendy, whatever) let us know and we can help with venues, caterers, etc in the Lansing area.

    Etiquette is a great board for etiquette advice.  Also check out the Budget Board to get ideas on how to cut costs and if you or your FI are crafty, check out DIY for lots of great ideas.

    Congratulations on your engagement and happy planning.
  • Ty she is from toledo and i live in howell mi..
  • She is from toledo and i am from howell
  • Where are you getting married?
  • We are going get married in howell
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