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Hormones and Headaches

Anyone else here get migraines during PMS or their period? If so, what do you do to relieve the pain? OTC meds take the edge off for me, but the headache is definitely still there. :P

Re: Hormones and Headaches

  • I am a huge migraine sufferer. Ice helps as the blood vessels are inflamed. Also look into prescriptive medicines for next time. I take preventative medicine, and it helps. There is also medicine to get rid of it effectively once it starts.
  • I don't get headaches but I get cramps so badly sometimes I wish I could just remove that part of my body. (The entire lower half, lol)

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  • You should see if you can get in to see a neurologist.  Mine gave me Frova (prescription triptan drug) for horomone-related migraines.  Personally I don't like the Frova because it gives me rebound headaches, but different people react vastly differently to migraine treatments.  It's one of those things that each individual has to work with a doctor to find what works.

    For me, caffeine helps a lot.  Ibuprofen is good, and I haven't used Benadryl for it much but that's supposed to help as well.  Also, lying down for a few minutes or taking a 10ish minute nap seems to help, but I know that's not always an option, haha.
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  • I haven't gotten headaches as a result of PMS, but if I did, I would just pray and take some ibiprophene(sp?).
  • Friends of mine get really bad migraines and they find that cutting out caffeine has helped a ton!

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  • the two main ingredients for Fioricet (a common rx only migraine reliever) are tylenol and caffiene. give them a try. 
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