So tell me....

Throughout this planning process I have noticed little things that I really wish I had waited on. Nothing huge, but still wish I had waited.
Like having the money for real flowers vs fake. (Although, I love my silks, they cost about the same and look so real)
And, the venue. I wish we had just waited and thought about it.
And, our photog. She's good, but she is not professional. Wish I had known this before.

What are you rethinking, if anything?

Re: So tell me....

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    We rethought our venue! We have a deposit down on the place (which we lose) but after our initial meeting we decided that this was not for us. So we redid our budget and are currently looking for a new venue space! Even with losing our deposit we are going to save about 7-8 thousand on the wedding alone, so we love it. 

    And everyday I rethink the flower pomanders! But as I sit here and glue them they look so cute and I know by the end of this I will love them and glad I put the hard work in. 
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    I made a feather bouquet for myself and then started to make them for my BMs - and I just decided this week that I really want realy flowers...with a month to go, lol.

    We changed our venue a few times before we put a deposit down. I just fell in love with every place at first, but once we sat down and looked at the cost vs. the value - it changed.

    My hair - first down, then up, then a half-do, then down again, up, to the side, down, up, and I have my hair trial tomorrow and I'm leaning towards down.

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    I kind of wish we would have shopped around a little more for caterers. We really like who we are using, but I have only heard one other person on here say they used them, so I really don't know how good they actually are. I am sure it will be fine, but I have worried about everything during this planning process! I am nervous our venue won't fit everyone... but again, that's just me freaking out. We are getting it for $100 so I can't complain about that! :)
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    I honestly have second guessed everything. I think before now I lived in a fantasy world and just wanted my childhood dream. Now, I just want basic and beautiful.
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    It's hard but try not to rethink....you made a decision after thinking it through so stick with it.  Trust me it will all come together amazingly wedding day.  <3

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    We were originally not going to have a DJ and to just do an Ipod wedding. But lately I've been rethinking that. We had someone who was going to run it for us, we we've been having a lot of what if fears. What if the battery dies? What if ppl don't like the music we chose and no ones wants to dance? So I'm looking for DJs now and we didn't really budget for it. Oops.
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    Try Buckeye entertainment, they are pretty cheap! From what I see, that is who my friend booked with for her wedding, they might still be open! 
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    I second tiffany!!  We just booked Buckeye Entertainment, and they are BY FAR the best deal around.  Check them out on wedding wire too--outstanding reviews.

    I second guessed my dress, but once I tried it on again, I knew I made the right decision.  Definitely second guessed our entertainment when he fell of the face of the planet (hence why we just recently booked Buckeye Entertainment).  Lastly, I wish I had waited to pick my bridal party.
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    i did an excessive (if not obsessive) amount of research before booking anything so i haven't had any regrets so far. however, i did have to put the deposit down on my band before hearing them play so i hope they're as awesome in real life as they are in their sample audio and video tracks.
    sorry you're feeling that way peach - you're definitely not alone :)
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    We switched venues 4 months after we booked the first one. I liked it, but I didn't love it. And I hated the idea of finding a back up rain plan since the ceremony was in an outdoor location different from the venue. 

    The best decision we made was switching venues. I could not be happier! I LOVE the Faculty Club and everything about it. I wanted something different yet classic, and I love the opulence and elegance, it's downright charming for our vintage inspired wedding. 

    I have already had my hair trial and I am still rethinking my hair! 
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    I am SO indecisive and second guess a lot. When I get into a bit of a panic about the choices I've already made, I try to go back to the reasons I made my initial decision (as a PP said). I really do find that it helps!
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    [QUOTE]When I get into a bit of a panic about the choices I've already made, I try to go back to the reasons I made my initial decision (as a PP said). I really do find that it helps!
    Posted by Ajoyd[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>This is the attitude FI and I have decided we want to keep throughout this whole process.  We sat and talked shortly after we got engaged about focusing on priorities and we come back to that for every decision we make.  Our priorities (in no particular order) are 1) making sure we have everyone there that we want to share in the day (pending RSVPs of course), 2) having a great meal, and 3) making sure everyone has a great time.  So when we started talking about invitations and save the dates, we decided we'd rather send them earlier rather than later since so many people will have to fly in.  When we talked about flowers and decorations, that wasn't as big a deal because in the end, it's not a top priority.  </div><div>
    </div><div>So far it's worked for us and I'm sure we'll hit some snags, but at this point there's nothing I would change.  We're also pretty far out from the date, too.  Good luck with things peach, it'll work itself out.

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    I literally just try not to think about it once I have it checked off.  
    I do so much research/comparing/obsessing before hand, once i have the decision made I just move forward.
    Its kind of scary how easy it is for me to not think about things.  I love my dress, but im sure if I still looked at dresses I would find one I liked more, so I'm not even looking at them when I flip thru magazines.
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    I know I have mentioned in the past that I am doing a wedding in Ohio for my mother because she is sick and cannot go on a destination wedding. I have wanted a destination wedding for 6 years now. In fact, my dad got a passport when my fiance asked him for permission becasue I had talked about it so much. Anyway, I haven't regretted any of my vendors but I have sort of regretted my decision to do a wedding in Ohio. This is because my mother is not able to leave home right now. She is bed bound now. She wasn't when we first got engaged but she was wheelchair bound. So unless that changes, it doesn't matter if I would have done a destination wedding anyway. So I guess I sort of wish I would have planned a destination wedding anyway but had an initial ceremony with just family members at my moms house. Since, I might have to do that anyway.
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    Unfortunately, the only thing I've had to rethink is our venue, and it's way too late to do anything about it! They keep changing things up on us as far as set-ups. It's kind of a long story that I'll include in my vendor reviews... I can't afford to get worked up about it now since the wedding is in 9 days. Trying to stay positive!

    I think the key is just to go with your gut. And if you get burned, it's more than likely not even going to matter on your wedding day. You'll be too focused on your groom, family, and friends. And I will keep telling myself that. :)
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