when are october brides registering?

I was trying to get an idea of when to register for shower/wedding gifts . I was thinking about 5 months out from the wedding which would be May but was just wondering what everyone else was doing!

Re: when are october brides registering?

  • I am a September bride and I started last weekend. Our birthdays are coming up and our parents thought they would buy stuff for us from that. I know its early but I recently learned what a long process it can be. We spent all day Saturday doing it and only have a few items added. This is also my last semester in grad school so I didn't want to have to worry about doing this over the semester. My first shower is in June so I thought I would get a head start. HTH!
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  • I was a Sept bride and we registered in April I believe. It took me forever to get H to agree to come with me and when we finally did it was horriable and it was one of the worst parts of the planning process. I would recommend doing it a couple of months before your shower....if you know when your shower will be.  HTH!
  • I want to do it now!! We'll probably hold off until April and do it.
  • It's fine to register whenever.  Just stay away from seasonal items and you're all set! 
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  • I started registering at bed bath and beyond online this month :)
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  • I'm an August bride and FI and just started registering a couple weeks ago. I kind of wished we would have done it before Christmas to give people gift ideas for the holidays (similiar to what npott044 was saying about birthday gifts).
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