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Feelin the blues...

Ok so they weren't Monday blues, but they're here!

I'm feeling like I need new friends lol... I have an insane work, I work nights, weekends, whatever! It's always opposite of my friends, they used to always ask me to go out Fridays and Saturday's but those days are horrible for me (they're like Monday's and tues to the rest of the world). Whenever I'd say I was exhausted or not going out bc I worked all day and had work the next morning I'd get attitude for it. So I'd through the whole well let's go out tues night (my Friday) and it was an absolute ridiculous request... Anyway it came to the point that they just stopped asking which hurt but was still easier than explaining the same thing over and over (mind you if it was a special occasion I'd make it work and go)...

So now I'm planning something for thurs night, nothing crazy, a low key bar (early bday/peace out to my current work location), and I invited them- 2 of them who so happen to be the biggest culprits, are off that day and the next and STILL have yet to answer whether they're coming. I'm just tired of when I actually try to make an effort if goes wasted anyway...

I'm also bummed that I'm not having a shower. NOT bc I want a traditional shower, I'd honestly just like a day all about me that makes me actually feel like a bride. I don't care about gifts, me and my FI already live together and have pretty much all we need, I just don't feel like anyone thinks of this as a wedding. I know some of you have said it before, but it's just.. "yay can't wait to go to Jamaica.. Not "yay, can't wait for your wedding". It makes me sad is all.

Ok, I'm sorry if you had to read all that... Illl go back to my pity party here. At least my work friends seem excited about thurs night....
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Re: Feelin the blues...

  • Hugs Jules! I know how it is to get slightly out of synch with your group of friends.

    I have two groups right now: Group A - have all been married for a few years and are either pregnant or have kiddos already and only want to do stuff involving their children. Group B - the folks trying to relive our crazy college days with crazy drinking and super late nights.

    Hopefully Thursday is fun and don't sweat people not specifically saying they are excited for your wedding - they will be and everyone that shows up will be there to celebrate with you. Everything will work itself out Smile
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  • Awww I completely understand what you are going through...I'm sure you will have fun Thursday no matter what! And I feel the same way about our dw, sometimes I feel like people are excited about their vacations and not our wedding!
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  • i feel ya i need knew friedns not just becaus eof scheduling but i have lived on this island for 6 months and i'm not good at making friends. 
    I'm ure you will have fun thursday and remember that your wedding is about you and how much fun you have so dont worry too much of why people are excited just know in the end they will be there for your big day 
  • Sorry Jules!  Don't worry about your friends acting like they are excited for a 'vacation'.  I think that this is kind of normal, my brother got married in the Bahamas and before we all went all people talked about was how excited they are for the trip and the Bahamas - but honestly once everyone got there it really did show how excited they all were for the wedding too!  I think that people just get caught up in the vacation aspect b/c they are excited!  But I am sure that once you get there and on the wedding day everyone will be so happy and excited for your wedding :-) 
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  • I think that you will have a good time tomorrow.  To be honest I don't have alot of close girlfriends.  The ones I do have I only talk to through text because they are so busy.  Anyways, I'll be your friend.  We really aren't that far away from each other.  :)

    As for the wedding, none of my family seems really excited about going.  No one even says that they are excited for an all expense paid vacation to FL.  (Which to me is pretty sad.)  And I am a little bummed about not having a shower too.  I can totally relate to the not wanting gifts, just some acknowledgement.

    Just keep you head up and everything will be okay.  I promise.  :)
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  • Perhaps text them again and tell them you're trying to get a final count of who is going. If not, have tons of fun without them!!!
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  • Thank you ladies... I guess i just needed to let it out. Sad thing is I dont think my friends are coming out tomorrow, but my work ones are and I will still have a great time! Cath, I'd love to have you as a friend! Truth is I already think of so many of you as friends... I def can be more honest and open with you ladies than I can some of my own friends.. Thanks again for bearing with me through my rant... We should try and plan a knottie get together! There are a lot of us in the ny nj area! I think it would be a ton of fun!
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  • I totally understand, right up to the 2 month mark I totally struggled with feeling like a bride because anytime the wedding came up it was all about how beautiful the resort is, and what it offered they could enjoy... nothing about the wedding itself BUT I think part of that is that no one is as excited about your wedding as you are, so further out its harder for them to get into it. I hit the 2 month mark and started getting comments about the wedding, have I tried on my dress again, etc... Now as I'm under the month mark I'm REALLY starting to feel it. Have faith in the people you're really close to, one thing I have noticed on these boards is that someone seems to really come through and make you feel special (I have one friend, my SIL and FI's cousin that are all really making me feel like a bride these last few weeks :) )
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