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 Did anyone have their wedding or looked at Westlake Village Inn.  We viewed it today and my only concern is that all the rooms are right up against one another...  I am afraid that you will be able to hear other wedding receptions going on and that you will be bumping into other brides.  Any thoughts??  Still having a hard time finding a venue...
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Re: Westlake Village Inn Weddings

  • shalomizardshalomizard member
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    I liked it but it ended up being a bit too small for us so I can't really say anything about the venue.  However if you want to look somewhere with a similar vibe, try the 
    Calabasas Inn. 
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    I went to a wedding at WLVI and I would have my wedding there if half of the people who attended that wedding weren't going to mine as well! The venue is beautiful and even though there was another party at Boggies which we could see if you were outside, we did not hear any other receptions and it did not interfere with my friend's wedding at all! If you liked it there I definately reccommend it! And we stayed at the hotel, it was the most resonably priced of all of the West Lake weddings we had to get rooms for and it was one of the nicer ones.  - Also the Calabasas Inn will be closed by 2013 just so you know! The Calabasas Country Club will be open, but the ball room was very old when I went to see it!
  • imlovingitimlovingit member
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    It's a pretty place. We went to a wedding there and everything was beautiful. We did see another bride and two different bridal partys but I didn't see anything wrong with it. A lot of hotels or similar places have more than 1 wedding or party at a time. 
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    I considered that place but ended up with the Westlake Yacht Club nearby.  The Yacht club represents us more and it's overlooking the water which I liked.  Plus better deal and we get the place for the entire day.

  • LMS05LMS05 member
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    My brother got married there May '10 and it was beautiful! I highly recommend it. We did see another bride and her bridal party, but it wasn't during the wedding. It was an hour before the ceremony began. We never saw any other brides/bridal party again. It was no big deal and my sister-in-law didn't care at all. I never even though twice about it until I read this. The photos turned out lovely because the location is amazing.
  • heath1026heath1026 member
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    We had our reception there on Oct 22.  We had the Lakeside Room with our cocktail hour on the patio.  There was a party (or something) going on outside which only interrupted our music for about 10 mins.  Inside the room was perfect and we didn't hear anyone else.  My friend got married there in April in the same room and there were no issues for her.  It's an absolutely beautiful place and I highly recommend it!!  Good luck!
  • phanighenphanighen member
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    We had our daughter's wedding at that venue in July '10 in the Tuscan Garden and absolutely LOVED that place.  We are looking for a venue for our older daughter and can't seem to find a venue that matches the ambiance of that place.  Good luck. 
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