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Catering prices

Since I have never planned a wedding or had an event catered before, I have aaprox 85-100 guest. What is too high? What is everyone else paying/paid?

Re: Catering prices

  • rungirl12rungirl12 member
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    You can have a huge range of prices, but I would say the bare minimum for less fancy food is about $7-$10/head NOT including delivery or servers.  Average wedding type food is usually $10-16/head without the delivery or server charge. Additionally, this does NOT include the 18% service charge and your local 5-6% tax.  Caterers also may charge a cake cutting fee, typically $1/person, although you can find those that will do it free.  In my searching, I found delivery charge was usually $50-100 and servers were generally around $15/hour with 4-5 hour minimum.  Additionally the rental of plates, silverware & linens can raise the price if you need those as well.
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    Our venue had catering and the price was $18-$35 per plate, depending on what type of food you wanted (vegetarian and chicken were much less than steak or fish).  But, I didn't have to pay for linens, servers, rent plates, etc. 

    You can get things like BBQ or sandwhiches for $7-$10, pastas might be less too.  Beef and fish will run you more. 

    What part of Wisconsin are you in?  Maybe someone can recommend a caterer based on your location and price range. 
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  • gundy21gundy21 member
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    I think rungirls' costs per person estimates are on the low side.  Everything we looked at for dinners was $18 per person and up (our entrees were $20-26).  We also did appetizers that were a separate charge.

    Our cake cutting fee was $1.50 per person and included coffee service.  Our venue included flatware, dishes, and glassware in their room rental fee and our caterer provided white table linens and napkins at no additional cost.  Our caterer did not charge delivery or for servers.

    Ashley - be aware that some caterers will have a minimum spend and/or head count.  Our caterer's minimum was 100 people - we had 105.
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    My wedding is downtown milwaukee. As mentioned by the other girls it depends what part of the state and city your wedding will be. My dinner will include passed apps, champagne toast, plated dinner, cake cutting and wine/beer/soda for all guests the entire evening plus a few extras like a candy apple bar. This will be $61/person. It is on the higher end, but not unrealistic for the location. You can def. have a great dinner for less than that, but once again, depends on location and what you are all looking for. Best of luck to you!
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    Yea I agree with jonesma, I am having my wedding in downtown milwaukee too and the prices are a bit high but I get a signature greeting cocktail, cocktail hour with 5 apps, open bar for guest all night, choice of salad, choice of 4 entrees, trio dessert, wine with dinner for guests, and late night snacks. Its a bit higher than what jonesma said hers was but I think its worth it. and I am having around 100-105 guests. Normally you would be looking at about 25-50/per person depending on what you want. If you wnt a open bar or host bar or apps or cake then its going to be more and some will be a different charge. Hope this helps! Good luck!
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    Thanks everyone! I'll be downtown Milwaukee most likely...so far I've gotten quotes back for around 8,000 for 100 guests. Everyone presents the options differently so I was getting a bit confused
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