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photography prices?

I have a question to all you Minneapolis/St Paul brides.

What do you think is a fair price for an experienced wedding photographer? What do you want included in the price?


Re: photography prices?

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    It depends on what's important to you.  My top items are all day covreage, the rights to my prints, an online gallery and a photojournalistic approach, not so many posed photos.  Some people may prefer to have professional prints whereas I'm not concerned with that.  Some may want a 2nd shooter and so on.  A 2nd shooter was included with the photographer I THINK I'm going to go with and I'm getting her for my entire day and night, she's very artisitc and i'm paying right around $2000.  For the photogroaphers with that type of style, this is about the most reasonalbe I could find.
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    There is a whole list of photographers on the MSP bio:


    But as the PP said you need to decide what your style is and then find photographers that have demonstrated they can consistantly take shots with that style. The popular thing to do right now is the photojurnalistic style where they really capture the day but some photographers are really good at it and others try... The most important thing I think is to get the rights to your photos! You don't want to have to buy all your future prints through your photographer if you can help it.

    Personally I decided how much I wanted to spend and then looke for photographers that could stay in my budget. No matter how amazing their shots were I kept looking until I found one that I thought had the eye we wanted and was in our price range. I am using Ben Berndt, and for a full day with rights was $1800.
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    Not sure about pricing, I think it depends on the style you love and finding someone you really like. 

    Some important things: rights to your photos (so that you don't have to pay the photographer a bunch of money on top of your package just so you can have your photos!) I think a second shooter is a great addition, and I also prefer the candid, photojournalistic style to formal posed shots. My photographer also does a stop motion photo booth (so takes 2-3000 shots in a couple hours and sets them up like a movie, set to a song) which was a fantastic draw for me.
  • Sarahsue1684Sarahsue1684 member
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    Im paying $2100 2 photogs, candids ,all day coverage, photojournalistic approach, etc.
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    I'm paying around $1700 for 6 hours and this cool album thing.  Not sure if we get 1 or 2 photographers, but we get the copyright to the pictures.  We're using bella pictures.
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    We used the same photographer as EmilyCMN for our wedding, plus a second photographer, which brought us up to $2100 for all day coverage.  He edied all the images himself and gave us the rights to the photos, a DVD and an online album!   We had all-day coverage and ended up with over 1,000 edited photos.  We wanted a photographer with a fresh and modern approach,

    There are a lot of rockstar photographers out there in MN as well that will be $3,000 or more... but I think it definitely takes a certain style and skill level to be able to charge that much.  I could never dream of affording Spencer Combs or Collin Hughes... but I sure love looking at all the weddings they capture!
  • aabrahams7aabrahams7 member
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    Per our OP previous post, she is a professional photographer that has been doing it for 25 years. Just an FYI...

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    Thanks ladies, yes I am a Professional Photographer. It's been about 6 years since I have wanted to do weddings. Two of my step kids got married in these last two months and I realize how much I miss all the action of the wedding day. I just wanted to know what you all thought was a fair price these days. Will I venture back in, who knows. . . it is tempting . . . I

    Heck I miss tasting all those cool cakes!!
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    Our photographer normally charges $1600 for the whole day, two photographers (husband and wife), rights to 300 pictures and a super nice photo book. Because they're our friends though, we're getting a significant break and only have to eliminate the photo book and half the pics (we can purchase more if wanted).

    For anyone though, I'd really take a look at their portfolio to get a good idea of their style. And make sure they're willing to work with you for what you want! And check on the wait time to get the edited pics back.
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