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Old Library theme ideas

We are getting married in a very old library that has since been converted into a restaraunt (which since this year, is only open to special events). Both the ceremony and reception will be help here and we are looking for ideas. The look and theme of the place is vintage with old books and decor. And dark wood with green vintage looking lights. All of the furniture has an older look. (Website:
Please help with any ideas for decor!!! We would like to stick with the old library look.
Thank you!!!!!

Re: Old Library theme ideas

  • The Old Library isn't a restaurant anymore?! So sad! That was where FI and I had our first date during our junior year at Bonaventure. It had the best French Onion Soup I've ever eaten.

    I love the look of incorporating books into centerpieces.

  • I think the book centerpieces are a great idea.  Since I am NOT creative at all...I searched the internet for some ideas for library wedding decor.  My work computer won't allow me to access all the ones I liked, but I was able to save a few....

    This one has the due date card (or whatever it's really called) as placecards:

    One that I couldn't load used the above due date cards and one box from a card catalog as a guest book.

    This one used the sides of books as titles for other areas...

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