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100 Push Up Challenge

Just completed Week 2, Day 3 of the challenge. Maxed out at 15 in the 2nd column. I can't seem to break past their minimum maximum (does this make sense!?) this case 15.

It's getting hard girls! For me atleast!
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Re: 100 Push Up Challenge

  • I did mine this morning and maxed out at 8 in the final set.  I am having the same problem with the minimum maximum!  Actually I was able to do more than that the last day I did them, but today I could do less than before :-(
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  • W2 D3 for me, and I maxed out at 25 on the last set. I also figured out why it was bugging my back... I used the video on my digital camera to record myself doing the pushups. I thought I had been sagging my hips but they actually weren't down low enough and my butt was kind of sticking up in the air. I fixed it and my back doesn't hurt today, woohoo!
  • This is starting to get real tough. W2 D3 C3 maxed out at 25. 86 total.
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  • Well, it was not easy but I completed my W1, D3.   I had to rest more than 2 minutes in between sets and found it very difficult.  But I didn't want to give up.  I found that it was easier to complete the sets when I had 3 days rest.  Unfortunately there aren't 9 days in a week!

    Keep up the great work everyone.  I'm so impressed with everyone's progress so far.
  • I thought I would start this program as well! I did W1 D1 today and maxed out at 15 at the end a pretty good start I thought!
  • I'm running a day behind here again but I just completed W2D3.  I'll do the exhaustion test tomorrow I guess... I keep on forgetting to breathe though.  I always hold me breath.
  • I had my FI count my last set for me and make sure that my form was up to par. I think having him involved really helped me eke out more reps than I would have normally. Hooray for supportive FI's :)

    W2D3 - Level 3
    5th set Max: 25 (!)
    Total #: 87

  • ctappinctappin member
    Can't remember if I posted on Friday now or not haha. Did 65 total, maxed out at 20. On to week 3 - halfway there!!
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  • I'm a little late posting this (comp issues) W2D3, had to revert to about half "girly" pushups on Saturday thanks to a night out drinking with friends. Eek! Anyway this is getting much much harder! I pushed through the pain though and I'm glad I did :) 60 total, 30 of them full pushups, 30 girly style.
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