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Reception and Ceremony Location

Hi Ladies!  I'm looking into possibly holding my wedding ceremony and reception possibly in your area and was wondering if you could tell me where you're having your ceremony and reception...and what other ones did you maybe consider.

Thanks for ALL your help!
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Re: Reception and Ceremony Location

  • SunBear22SunBear22 member
    edited December 2011
    Right now we are thinking we are going with the Cincinnati Museum Center. It was built (mostly) in 1933, so it is really fitting for my vintage theme. We looked into the Redmoor and the 20th Century Theater, also.
  • tldhtldh member
    edited December 2011
    Autumn - I'm originally from Cinti.  What kind of a wedding are you planning to have?  Size? Themes? Formal? Month? etc.  There are a lot a great venues, starting with the art museum.  We just need a bit more information to help you.
    AKA GoodLuckBear14
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    Thanks girls!  I'm looking at 100-120 guests, a place where I can hold the ceremony and reception in the same place (if possible, outside or inside).  I'd like the reception to be inside though if possible although I'm not against the tent idea.

    My theme is 1940s inspired vintage, so nothing with too modern of a feel.  I'm not against a sort of formal affair but it can even be as informal as the local parks. 
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  • SunBear22SunBear22 member
    edited December 2011
    Sounds like you are looking for possibly the same as me. I am doing a 1930's-1940's themed wedding. Each of the locations I listed would be perfect for that- and none of them are super expensive.

    If you are looking at parks, personally I would suggest:
    Alms Park
    Ault Park
    Mt. Storm Park
    Mt. Echo Park.

    There are a few mansions around here that are also worth looking into. If your budget is larger (than mine, haha) I would suggest looking into the Manor House, the Bell Museum, Music Hall and the Art Museum. 
  • afloggieafloggie member
    edited December 2011
    We are having our ceremony/reception at The Phoenix!
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    Welcome to the hunt!

    My fella and I went on a whirlwind tour of wedding venues last weekend.  It worked out pretty well because we went from place to place to place and starting recognizing what we wanted pretty quickly.  We also had a good idea of what questions to ask by the end of the day.  I would really recommend going through the archives of this board.  That's what I did to narrow down the field and it really helped.

    Like you, we're looking to do the ceremony and reception in the same place.  We're shooting for 150, but our enormous families might bump the size up to 175ish.  We're getting hitched in the spring, so the unpredictable weather means that we'll be insde.

    We went to the Phoenix, the Verdin Event Centre, Embassy Suites Covington, the Madison (specifically, their south location because the rooms are older), and the Cincinnati Club.  With the exception of the Embassy Suites, all of these spaces have older rooms.  The Embassy Suites has a KILLER view of the city and that's why we looked there.  We also checked out Venue222 (off Main St) and the Sanctuary (in Newport) for a rehearsal dinner space.

    We've landed on the Cincinnati Club because the rooms are just beautiful and we loved the flow of the space.   Basically, you'd walk across the hall from the ceremony into the foyer, where the cocktail hour would be, then over to the reception.  All of this on the same floor.  The Cincinnati Club was built around 1925 and the design details are nuts (we are both design nerds). If the tasting goes well, we're going to confirm with them.  I've heard good things from other knotties about that locale.  Please cross yer fingers for us, ladies!

    That said, there were benefits to the other places too.

    The Madison, the Phoenix, and the Embassy Suites basically give you a built-in wedding planner.  The Madison and the Embassy Suites give you extra stuff like centerpieces.  The Madison was most willing to cut deals with us on food and drink.  They also gave us gross cheesecake at our appointment and gave my phone number to Fabulous Bridal--that is a turn off for me. The Verdin is an old church and was so beautiful, but it seemed too monumental a space and they were very disorganized when dealing with us. They stood us up for our original appointment and sent multiple emails with the same info, etc.  I know other people have had good experiences, but it didn't sit well with us.

    My cousin got married at the Syndicate in Newport and it also has a retro feel, so that might work for you too.  We didn't look there because it wouldn't be a good space for the ceremony, but there is an old library right across the block that might work for a group of your size.  They've had a tent up all summer too.

    So.  All this to say that there are many options around.  I would recommend checking out a number of them to see what fits for you.

  • meggo81meggo81 member
    edited December 2011
    We are getting married one week from tomorrow (ack!) at the Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts center in Covington.  http://www.thecarnegie.com/  You could definitely do a vintage style wedding there.  The space is beautiful and the original architecture of the building has really been preserved.  If you are looking to really make the wedding your own, the Carnegie is the place because it is a blank slate, a consequence of that however (and one I wish we had understood the costs of before reserving the space) is that you have to rent EVERYTHING. 
  • edited December 2011
    Have you checked out the Verdin Bell downtown? It is an old cathedral church that has been converted into a reception venue and you can also get married there! Kind of killing two birds with one stone. It is beautiful and also has a great courtyard area. If you haven't seen it you should check it out. It is very beautiful. Must see it to believe it.

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