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My cousin, who became Catholic about a year before I did and is getting married in October, has started asking me about NFP.  She lives in a really small town in OK, so there's not any instructors in her area.  I've sent her a list of teachers in nearby towns and I'm mailing her my copy of TCOYF since I dont use that method anymore.  She's caught a little flack from some other family members, but nothing terribly discouraging.  =)  Yay.

And my kiddos are taking their very last test of the year (aside from state tests and finals).  It's a little strange -- my last test as an employee in this district!

How's everyone's Wednesday?

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  • Yay fun!
    Not gonna lie, I'm horribly tired and irritable. Idk what's wrong with me.
    I also have a friend who didn't know about NFP at all (thought it was rhythm method of course) but once I explained it to her, she got all excited. I also lent her my copy of TCOYF and directed her to fertilityfriend.
  • Yay NFP converts!

    I had a good midwife appt yesterday and am feeling more confident about my chances of having the VBAC I want, so I am pretty excited about that. We are also starting to do some househunting so that's been fun.

    I will need to talk to my boss soon about possibly going part-time after the baby comes...I'm a little nervous for that and unsure what to ask for.
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  • Caitriona, when are you due?  So exciting!  I think it's really brave (and awesome) to attempt a VBAC.  What made you decided to go with a midwife?  Are you also seeing an OB?  Will you give birth at home, or a hospital?  (Sorry for all the questions; I'm just really interested!)


  • Good for your cousin!  I just had my first appointment with a family medicine/OB/GYN doctor, not the one I intiially wanted to meet with - my diocese only listed one local NFP doctor, who isn't taking any new patients- but I got in with a doctor in the same clinic, and she actually seemed fairly supportive of my decision to use NFP.  I start my classes next Tuesday, so we'll see how it all goes.

    Tonight I'm going with a friend to collect sticks for my wedding centerpieces.  All I have to do then is spray paint them silver, and I'm done with my cheap and easy centerpieces!
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    [QUOTE]Caitriona, when are you due?  So exciting!  I think it's really brave (and awesome) to attempt a VBAC.  What made you decided to go with a midwife?  Are you also seeing an OB?  Will you give birth at home, or a hospital?  (Sorry for all the questions; I'm just really interested!)
    Posted by Resa77[/QUOTE]

    October...5-15is, somewhere in there. :) We definitely hope for a big family so for us a VBAC was the only way to go, as repeat c/s's get riskier with each one, whereas the risks with VBAC go down with each one. We are seeing hospital midwives (and driving an hour each way to get to them!) because they have the best success rate in our area--85% for VBAC's vs. 90% first time vaginal births. I thought the small difference between those rates spoke volumes about how they see things and so far we have been thrilled with them. We also ended up with a horrible doctor last time who was very intervention-happy and we feel pushed us into an unnecessary c/s, so we wanted to be sure we had something different this time. We are not seeing the OB's at all although they are in this practice...they will only come into play in the case of RCS, so hopefully not at all.

    We are delivering in the hospital; homebirth is just not an option for me at this point. If something went wrong that could've been prevented in a hospital I don't think I could handle it.

    I don't mind the questions at all; I am still so psyched about finding these midwives that I will talk about it any chance I get.
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  • Cait,

    Yay! Prayers for a successful  VBAC (though hopefully not for several more months, of course :) ) It sounds like the midwives you are seeing will be a great option for your delivery, though stinks that they're so far away. Does that mean you'll have to drive an hour for your delivery?? I was nervous enough being about 10 minutes from our hospital, worried I would wait to long and deliver in the car (which was a totally stupid fear as I was there in *plenty* of time.)  My neighbor/ good friend is due around the same time as you. Are you planning to find out the sex of your little one?
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    Tea--Thank you! yes we'll have to drive that far for the delivery, but given my history & my family's delivering en route in the car is the least of my worries...I do not anticipate a quick labor, lol. And we are hoping to find out, the u/s for that is a week from tomorrow
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  • Yay, thanks for introducing a positivity thread among some of the sad/distressing topics we've been discussing!

    Mine:  I returned to the dietician this afternoon for help in figuring out what to eat to satisfy my body's needs both in being recovery from anorexia and having PCOS/insulin issues.  I've been really confused, and so my eating disordered response has been just not to eat, which is not a healthy solution.  AND, my MIL asked to accompany me so she can learn more about my conditions and how to be supportive.  (We just told H's family about PCOS Sunday night.)

    PLUS, H has almost gotten insurance approval for back surgery to correct an injury he sustained more than three years ago.

    Wow, thanks again for encouraging us to look on the bright side.  Just writing this response has helped improve my mood Smile
    "Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!" (Isaiah 43:1)
  • Cait, I don't know if I've told you how truly happy I am for you and your hubby and the new LO. I'm glad that you're liking the midwives.

    My hubby and I are still feeling wishy-washy about my doctor, but have decided it is what it is. The next one will be someone else for sure -- hopefully out NFP doc (not on my current insurance and we just couldn't justify the financial difference for OB, especially since my pregnancy has been picture perfect normal so far -- may God grant that it continue that way), but we could well end up in another state by then. We talked briefly about switching to midwives, but I just wanted to plow through where we are -- too much trouble/drama with switching for me.

    I am in Babyland, I swear. I found out today that yet another friend is expecting a LO this fall. I know part of it is the age, but I now have 3 good friends (including 2 of my BMs!) who are expecting between now and fall, but numerous other friends and acquaintances. So much fun!

    I'm excited to start finals review tomorrow! That means the end is in sight! Yay!!
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