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2 Months out and still LOTS TO DO!!

Hey girls,

I was just reading the below post on Hair & Make-up - Yes, it seems I am WAY to late to find the "good" ones.  Either way, I am still going to bust my hump to find a traveling make up artist and stylist.  But, one of my first questions;  What can I anticipate for both hair and make up per person?  Can someone help me out with a realistic number?

Thank you!!

Re: 2 Months out and still LOTS TO DO!!

  • Yay!!  It's almost here!  Prices range based on their experience.  It can go from anywhere from $40 makeup to $65-$100 and hair from $60 to $150.  So I would say at the very least, $100 for both without a trial because most do charge extra for that service.  If you don't do a trial, I wouldn't book one without seeing some pictures or speaking to references, etc.  Good luck and let us know if you have any other last minute items we can help with!

  • She may or may not be booked, but give Hello Beautiful salon a call. I have extremely difficult hair to work with and one of their stylists, Deanna, has done a great job. They also do make-up. She prefers to work in her salon, but has mentioned she will travel. I *think* make-up is $25 and hair is $50, if I'm remembering right. AND I'm pretty sure that includes a trial, but don't quote me!
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