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Can't decide on a dress...

I'm having an internal argument with myself and so nobody is winning!  LOL!  I've been dress shopping twice.  The first time was just for fun, kind of, since my mom was in town.  Nothing serious. The second time I loved so many dresses I couldn't narrow it down.  Here's my dilemna - I LOVE the way tea length dresses look on me and it would be really fun to wear some extra super cute shoes since everyone will see them.  BUT  I also have the whole huge ballgown/ long elegannt dress stuck in my head form my childhood daydreams.  I'm not sure that if I take a chance and go with a shorter dress that I won't regret not having the 'traditional' bridal gown later.

Suggestions? :(

Re: Can't decide on a dress...

  • You can do a 'convertible' one: like a ballroom that has a shorter one underneath or a layer that can be unbuttoned? I'm all for getting what you want without compromising :)
  • i agree with the convertable idea if you can find one you like! or if you can find it within your budget you could do the whole second dress thing? get a ballgown for the ceremony and a short one for the reception.  or if it ends up being too much maybe like change into a cute short dress right before you leave and rock the awesome shoes then? or maybe one of those dresses thats short in front but longer in the back? personally not a huge fan of those but then youd get both in one... just a few thoughts!
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