Wrist or pin on corasages?!

I am wondering what is more commong for the mothers.  My mom wanted a wrist corasage (which I am completely fine with) I just want to check and see if that is common for the mothers to both have wrist corsages rather than pin on?!


Re: Wrist or pin on corasages?!

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    Ask each one what they want, they don't need to match.  I'm a MOB and have no use for corsages as I think they look old lady/promlike.  When last DD got married, her MIL wore her flowers on a comb in her hair (gorgeous), her biomom wore a corsage, and I had a teeny tiny nosegay.
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    Ditto PP, I asked each mom and grandma if they would prefer wrist or pin-on corsages. The moms picked pin-ons and the grandmas picked wrist ones.
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    My mom and FMIL wanted pin on's.. so we went with the different color version of the bouts :)
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    We had wrist corsages because my mom's dress was a sheer organza type material and we didn't want the corsage to droop... or worse yet, rip the dress!

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    Thanks for the advice ladies :)
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