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how to address a widow

My friends husband was killed in Afghanistan pretty recently and I am addressing invitations for my own wedding as we speak. Im not sure if there's a way everyone in the military goes about this as I am also marrying a marine. How do I address her invite? Ms? Mrs? Or Mrs latehusbandsname? I really don't want to make her sad or offend her?

Re: how to address a widow

  • Traditionally, it would be Mrs. Joe Schmoe.  It wouldn't be offensice to me.  If you really aren't sure, you could address it as Mrs. Jill Schmoe.  I would ask someone close to her. 
  • Widows are addressed as Mrs. Joe Smith. You only use Mrs. Mary Smith when a woman is divorced.
  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr
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    No, when someone is divorced, they are Ms. 
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