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Catholic Mass-how many readers do I need?

I am having a full catholic mass for my wedding and I had no idea how much planning there was- how many readers do I need?  I have already asked my two best and oldest friends...but do I need another?  And do I need to have family bring up the gifts or can the altar boys or cross bearers at the church do it?

Re: Catholic Mass-how many readers do I need?

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    2 readers for the first two readings (the priest will read the gospel reading).  You can also have an additional person read the Prayers of the Faithful/Intercessions.
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    It depends on whether you have a cantor or not. If you do, they will lead/sing the psalm. If not, you may need a third reader. We had two readers and a cantor, who also read the Prayers of the Faithful, as is customary in our church.

    Edited for additional info: We also had two family members carry up the gifts. It was a way to involve more people in the ceremony...

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    did you ask your priest? we had two readers.
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    We also had 2. We had a Deacon present as well and he read the Prayers of the Faithful.
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    We had 3: My BIL for the 1st reading; my BFF/Confirmation Sponsor for the 2nd reading; my sister for the Prayers of the Faithful.

    We had good friends (a married couple) bring up the gifts. We also had (properly trained and such) friends serve as EMEs, but that is very parish-specific. We also had a GM who did incense.

    Your best bet, ultimately, is to ask your priest or the wedding coordinator at your parish. They will help you sort through who you need to recruit to do what.
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    You don't *have* to have 2 could have only one plus a Gospel.
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    DH and I were our own readers fof the readings. We chose my godmother for the Prayer of the Faithful and DH's brother and his wife for the gifts.
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    What about the Responsorial Psalm?  I feel like I might need 4...
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    The psalm is supposed to be sung. 
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