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Hi everyone, i'm excited to say i am a misses :)  and a HAPPY one at that !!

Here are my reviews:

Villa Barone Hilltop Manor A++

Where do I begin. I worked with Vinny from the very start and I couldn’t be happier.  My day was WONDERFUL! Me and my DH opted to take some photos before the ceremony at their lakefront property. I’m so glad we did. What a blast. My bridal party had fun, we had fun and they even had cold water and beer for us. My ceremony was in front of the new waterfall, it was something out of a Hollywood movie.  I couldn’t have asked for better weather too. Everyone was comfortable; I was in aw walking down the aisle.  They arranged to let me and my DH see the cocktail room ahead of time in private, (being that we would miss all of it taking pictures). Talk about feeling like a princess. Me and my DH were the only 2 people in the room. We shared a glass of wine a little cheese, it was just sooooo romantic and an unexpected private time that was very welcomed.

The main event. When I walked into my room I was amazed! Let me tell you I had a lot of stuff and I am very particular. My bridal attendant Billy Jo had my vases, cameras, candles, rose petals, etc perfectly displayed just like I asked. (I had to pay a little x-tra for her to come in early & worth every penny!)There was beautiful back lighting behind the dais to match my colors.  There was just so much food and all so delicious. I just came back this past weekend from my honeymoon and my mom told me the calls are still coming in raving about the food and presentation.

One of my favorite things was the Champagne March they did in the very beginning after I was announced and then seated. OMG I was so impressed and felt so special; as if they were putting on show (actually it was a show). After main course came out, they came around with seconds, offering all the guests anything they wanted to try. I’ve never been anywhere else that does that.

My cake was beautiful and when they rolled out the chocolate fountain my quests went crazy. My favorite was the homemade zeppoles. My grandmother said she hadn’t tasted a zeppole like that since her grandmother used to make them.  She was in tears, reliving a wonderful memory.

I honestly can’t say enough about The Villa Barone Hilltop Manor, We really feel like we are part of another family. That is the way they make you feel and the way they treat you.


Silver Star Limo A+

Only good things to say.  They actually sent the same driver for my wedding day as I had for my bachelorette party so we kinda knew him already. They arrived early and were very accommodating. We took tons of pics in front of house, then went to the Villa Barone lake house for more pics then finally to the Villa Barone Hilltop itself. The limos were immaculate and cool. At the end of the night ,there he was again waiting for us with a smile on his face.


Digital Weddings  A++

Loved these guys. There were 3 guys taking photos and video. We met one of them prior when we did our engagement photos. They were in my house while I was getting ready and rolled with the punches. I have a huge family and all the neighbors and friends decided they were coming over too. Plus my 8 girls in the bridal party. Nothing fazed them. When we got to Villa Barone lake property they were so creative with all the photo opps there. They were not invasive; they did their job simply and without complications. They gave me a piece of paper with their website and a code that I could look up 5 days after the wedding, for a GLIMPSE of my photos. It was about 125 photos. My family and I were stunned by the beauty of these photos. Between their skill and the Villa Barone Hilltop property they were breathtaking, (ok and the bride & groom weren’t so bad either lol).  In all seriousness they were professional and the glimpse photos were amazing. We are all so anxious now to see the albums and video.


Next Generation A

The MC was fantastic, the only thing was, they didn’t follow my music list.  For example I wanted the bride cuts the cake song while we were cutting the cake, they had regular background music on. They only played 5 songs from my 20 song list.  So I was disappointed. But in all honesty if that is the only blunder in the day so be it. Everyone danced all night and had a great time! No one noticed except me.



  • PaoPao820PaoPao820 member
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    Hey!  Could you PM with pricing for the limo place??  I'm looking for budget pricing for limos and its sooo difficult to find something.  Thank you so much!!
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    YAY!!! Who did your flowers/decor??
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    Sounds like you had a beautiful wedding,Congrats.
  • atorresnyatorresny member
    edited December 2011

    Congratulations!! So happy to hear everything went well and I'm super excited because I'm getting married at Villa Barone in May and can't wait to have the same experience.  Thanks for sharing.

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  • carolsdaycarolsday member
    edited December 2011
    Hi , and thank you all  Laughing

    Pao Pao , Beleive it or not i dont know how to use pm lol ,  but my mom got the limos and was hush hush on the cost (as she was with other things too lol )
    sorry i really can't be of help on that.

    And Alli , I had the chairs covers and linens from the Villa Barone , I used 4 different sized vases on each table filled 1/2 way w/water w/ a floating candle inside & rose petals inside as well.  Then i had rose petals sprinkled all over the tables . On my dais , i had actual roses spread throughout the table and 2 sets of the vases . Seriously , it was beautiful .. , especially with the back lighting to match which the Villa Barone provided.
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