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Hi Ladies, 

I'm new to this board, so please excuse me if this subject has been brought up before.  But has anyone in here bought their ring from the LA diamond district?  My BF and I are currently looking at places to perhaps buy my ring at and I wasn't sure how to approach the LADD.  Tips? Advice? Experiences?  Recommendations?  

Any help would be appreciated,  I hope to go there this weekend. Thanks!

Side note, I guess I should introduce myself.  I'm Lyn I moved from West LA to the OC.  I'm 28 and pretty much am excited about marrying my BF, nervous about planning it.  Any one has questions I'm happy to answer more about me.  

Re: LA Diamond District

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    Hi! I'm Meredith, getting married 10-10-10.

    We bought our wedding bands downtown from Tommy Kim at Princess Jewelry on Hill St. Both are custom made and I highly recommend him.

    The way we found him was... well, to just walk around. I have a vintage e-ring and we wanted something unusual that would fit with my ring.

    The prices down there are great, BTW. I thought my band (which is platinum) was going to cost almost twice what we're actually paying for it.

    I'd go check things out, try things on, and leave it open from there. Just spend a few hours looking.
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    I bought my FI wedding band at the LADD. He wanted a simple gold band. nothing fancy. i had checked around jewlery stores in the mall. they were a ridiculuous $900+!!!

    I bought him what he wanted for $150.

    And saw many pretty rings there. But I already have my set... but yes. I recommend it. And yes... just walk around. you'll find the right store.
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    A while ago there were tons of knotties that were talking about Icing on the Ring.  Most of those knotties have moved on but they recommended that store.
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    I bought DH's ring at - they have a store at the jewelry district downtown.  His jaw dropped when he realized how much he could have saved if he had bought my ring down there too... but the fella didn't listen!
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    Ditto Curly - I love Bridal Rings Company in the Diamond District.  DH bought my e-ring there and loved the people so we went back to get our bands and they gave us a GREAT deal. Go there, you won't be dissapointed. They are not pushy either, which I love - they let you take your time. HTH!
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    Thanks for the advice ladies!  I'm looking forward to going there to check out the stores.  Hopefully we find something he and I love.
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    I've been to tha LADD a ton of times, my dad is an ex-jeweler but he still does a lot of rings for people. It's really easy to make your way around downtown, be prepared to sit there, talk down a price, (even if you're in love with the ring) pretend to walk away, and usually the jeweler will bring the price down a bit.

    My FH and I have been down there a couple of times and even though it was a pretty serious mission- we still had a blast!
    best of luck!!!
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