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Did somebody say beignets?!

Hey LA ladies! I was thinking about having a midnight snack for my guests. I was thinking beignets (i know to die for)! Anyways Ive made beignets myself, but theyre  not as good as the orginals. I want my caterer to make them but shes never done it, where do I get a good recipe for her and would it be hard to make a batch (130) for my guests?? If its to hard then I wont do it but I so wanted to share beignets with my KY guests. Thanks ladies!!!

Re: Did somebody say beignets?!

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    You can purchase the cafe du mon beignet mixes... i think it sounds like a wonderful idea :) 
    would definitely suggest experimenting at lest once before to get it right they can be tricky... Goodluck Smile
    sugar cloud pics would be adorable... if you do it please post pics!! 
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