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PRAISE THE LORD!!!! And weekend plans

I have finally had some luck finding a Creighton teacher!  She even offered to meet with me TONIGHT (though I'm busy...darn!)  This is a huge weight off my shoulders.  I really hope that my weird symptoms start making sense to me!

Any fun weekend plans?  Other than getting FI's ring, I have nothing that exciting going on.  Next week is pretty full of wedding appointments, though, so it'll be nice to have a somewhat quiet weekend :)


Re: PRAISE THE LORD!!!! And weekend plans

  • Yay! I'm so happy to hear you've found a teacher! Best of luck in getting your charting going!

    This weekend is my niece's birthday and, of course, Mothers Day. I'm pretty confident my husband has no Mothers Day surprises for me, but he leaves for two weeks on Monday (after being gone this week and last) so hopefully we'll make the most of our weekend. i'll probaby do a bunch of gardening and maybe some sewing projects.
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    That's terrific news! This weekend I am hoping to spend some time at home, organizing and cleaning. We haven't had a weekend to devote to our home in a LONG time. We're going to do dessert Sunday evening with the fam for Mother's Day/various birthdays.
  • Thanks Tea!  I still haven't heard back from the BIllings teacher, but I am happy to do either method, really.

    You garden?  I wish I had the yard, knowledge and patience for gardening.  Once I have a house with a yard (as opposed to literally no yard because I'm in a condo), I would love to get into gardening veggies.  I'm a vegetarian so of course I eat a lot of veggies!


  • Well, I don't really have much of a garden (we have a tiny yard), and I'm not any type of expert on gardening, but I enjoy playing in the dirt, I guess. I started a ridiculous amount of tomato plants inside earlier this spring (I think it something like 40 or 50 of them... yeah, ridiculous) so I need to find a place for some of them and probably give the rest away. Then I have some carrots, peppers, a few types of squash and maybe some peas, too. Plus we have strawberries and raspberries galore taking over the yard. It keeps me busy, anyway :)
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  • We're headed up to Fargo, ND this weekend for my little sister's graduation from NDSU!  Should be all sorts of excitement... Then probably hitting both families for celebrating on Mother's day.  No productivity for me!

    @Resa... Yay!!!  Your patience and persistence finally paid off :-)

    @TeaforMe... If I had a yard, I'd shamelessly invite myself over to take some of those extra plants of your hands ;-)  Have fun gardening!

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