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honeymoon registry??

hey ladies...have any of you used for a honeymoon registry?! or any other sites like this? Just wanted to hear from someone who has done this before and if you have success with it.  thanks

Re: honeymoon registry??

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    Yes, I have heard of this and my close friend who recently married opted to do this instead of a regular gift registry. They had their honeymoon at Nigara Falls and most of their guests contributed to that trip. They said it worked out great. You should do whatever you and your fiance want! Do remember though that many guests will give money already, so if there are some items you need for your home, a gift registry is still a good idea.
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    edited December 2011 BF got married last year and they used for a cruise and had a wonderful time! Most people contributed that way or gave checks, gift cards, etc.  If this is what works for you. then go for it.

    Not to be a Debby Downer here but I would be cautious posting this on any other boards....they tend to tear apart anyone who even dare think of a HM registry.  Personally, I think if it works for you and your social circle, then who cares what complete strangers have to say....except us of course b/c we love and protect our fellow obx brides (snickers) he he he :)

    Just looking out for ya


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    Thanks Ladies..we also plan on having a regular registry bc there are thigns we need/want! ha
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    My daughter had both a gift registry at BB&B and at AAA - where they booked their Cancun honeymoon... it worked out well.  If you are a member of AAA check it out no fee or anything - and when someone places money toward the HM they send a nice little card to the person who is giving the money gift so that it can be wrapped as a present - really nice set up.
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    My sister did this for her wedding last year and it worked out great. They also had regular gift registries at the usual stores so if people did not feel comfortable contributing to the honeymoon they could buy salad bowls or whatever.. The site she used allowed you to buy gifts for the honeymoon (like breakfast in bed, happyhour, massage, romantic dinner on the beach etc) or just give cash. It was great to see the pictures from the honeymoon and the gifts we sent! I loved it- i sent them a count down message each week with a small amount of cash that eventually added up to a decent gift and my sister loved getting the messages each week! I think if you have both a HM and regular gift registry thats perfect and everyone can choose what they want
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