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How long is your wedding video

Hi Everyone,  
          I just got married on July 30th and we just got our video back from our videographer and was wondering how long your video lasted from your videographer.  Our video has 5 sections and each section lasts 5-10 minutes - I really thought I would get more video since they were there all day! I was just seeing if this is normal or if we got hosed... They want more money to redo it and will cost $100 dollars an hour! My husband is not happy with it.  Luckily we got a raw footage of the whole ceremony otherwise we woudn't have had any of the readings or gospel on the other dvd.  Just was curious how other videographers do and if this is normal! Thanks so much!!

Re: How long is your wedding video

  • medusia00medusia00
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    That does seem awful short, I'm not sure how long they are suppose to be though.
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    Mine was eight minutes, but we loved it. Our videographer did a different style and included bits and pieces from the entire day.
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    I think the average video is around 15-20 minutes...at least from what I've heard.  Ours is expected to be 20 minutes total.

    I would hire a family member with a tripod to do the whole ceremony if I just wanted raw footage, but we want an edited video capturing important details throughout the day, so 20 minutes is a-ok with us!

    Good luck!
  • kerkkilkerkkil
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    Okay that makes me feel so much better!! I just figured as much as you spend for a videographer you would get more but maybe that isn't the case... I guess I was so new to the videography, I did not know what to expect! At least this is somewhat normal...Thanks for the input!
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