Band Pricing? Getting ripped off?

Hi everyone, I am looking to book a band and am curious if anyone is familiar with average pricing. I just wanted to compare a quoted price of $5,500. That just seems pretty high to me or maybe I'm just not that familiar with the pricing in that industry. Thank you everyone for your advice.

Re: Band Pricing? Getting ripped off?

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    I am in NYC, but that is average for up here.  I know it seems expensive but that seems middle of the road.  
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    Oh heck no that is way pricey. What type of band are you looking for? A jazz band? If so I can give you suggestions on that. My company uses this band for our christmas party for the last several years and they play jazz, new cover tunes and all. They are great and really get the party started.
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    How many band members are there? That does have an effect on price. The day of the week that your event takes place can also affect price. How good they are and their popularity can also be a factor.

    I did not have a band at my wedding, but I do event planning for my employer (always in other cities) and I have hired many bands in the following cities in the last few years--San Diego, Nashville, Tampa, Atlant, Dallas, Phila.--all for less than $3,000 (some up 5-piece bands). I have heard of people paying more than $3,000, though for events. It's always good to get a price quote from another band to compare quotes.
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    The band site I was referring to is Sound Nation and the site is www.andykushner.com. Hope this is helpful.
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    I think it depends on the quality of the band.  $5,500 is a lot of money, but some of my friends who have hired bands in DC have spent twice that, so I wouldn't say it's too far out there. We're using a DJ to save money, but for bands we looked at, 6K seemed about middle of the road. I think bands (and everyone else) double the price when they hear it's for a wedding.
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