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Tell me about your weekend/plans for the short week!

Hope everyone's weekend was good!  I'm fighting a cold, hopefully it's gone soon.

FI gets here Wednesday, and then we have a fun thanksgiving dinner planned with friends - I can't wait!  I'm also going to brave black friday shopping...Hope that ends up being productive.

what are your plans??

Re: Tell me about your weekend/plans for the short week!

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    Oooh are you looking for anything specific on black Friday? I've always wanted to go just to say I've done it once. Hope you feel better soon!

    I had a super amazing weekend! My parents were here from out of town, and they gave us our first wedding present: a KitchenAid stand mixer!! It's so freaking awesome!! :)

    I also bought my wedding earrings this weekend:
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    Morning everyone!

    The FI and I are going to Louisville on Wednesday after work, and we are taking my mom with me (who is driving to Pitt from Maryland). Should be a good time hopefully. I am really excited to watch the parade in the morning. It's a yearly tradition for me.
    I haven't done black Friday shopping in a while, but I might this year to try and save money. I'm also going to head to hobby lobby to see if I can find anything I need for the wedding (mostly glassware for the candy bar).

    Md- Do you know of any stores in particular that are going to be good this year? I haven't researched sales yet.

    Mook- KitchenAid mixers are the best! My mom got us one last year, but I have to admit I rarely use it after the holidays. I just don't bake anything really....
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  • mdphdmdphd member
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    mook - I love the earrings, where did you get them??  I'm registered for a KitchenAid mixer...hope someone picks it up for us!

    sari - no idea what stores are really good...I was just going to head to our mall because it has a lot of stuff.  We might get a DSLR..places like bestbuy have deals on that.  And maybe some snow boots!
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    This weekend FI and I started out registry at BBB & Macy's. We barely got a third of it done and we were there Friday night and Saturday... I didn't know it was so tough - you really have to think about what you want and how everything will go together, etc. We haven't made it past the kitchen stuff yet.

    I LOVE Black Friday shopping! I usually go every year. One year I got my parents a flat screen Samsung  TV (only like 30") for $200. I always shop DVDs at Target - they are usually anywhere from $2.50-$10. I am hoping they have Bridesmaids on sale because I would like to add that to the Bridesmaid gift bags.

    As for the holiday - I am on call through next Wednesday. I'm okay with that though, just trying to push through this holiday... it hasn't been the easiest year for us.

    Happy Thanksgiving Week!
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  • pantherRNpantherRN member
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    We are going to visit FIs family for the holiday. I have two night shifts to get through before though. While we are there, we're going to a bunch of the wineries near his hometown to choose wine for the wedding :) it's not the most spectacular wine, but it's good and it will be nice to have something from his hometown. As far this past weekend, I worked :/ nothing exciting.

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    Everyone is welcome.
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    md- I got the earrings in the strip district at one of the street vendors who makes jewelry.

    lindsay- I know what you mean about registering being time consuming! Ack! We kind of took the approach of registering for a whole bunch of things in the store and editing the list online later. Thank goodness for being able to edit everything online!
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  • heb557heb557 member
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    This weekend we FINALLY got our invites done. Now we are sending them off to get quotes. This will be fun! :)

    This week should be a blast. Tomorrow FI and I get to meet with the person doing our Ceremony music! I'll probably cry the whole time. I've been an emotional mess with all the wedding stuff! 

    MD- Hope you get better soon! I've been downing Vitamins daily in hopes of fighting of all diseases this year.. so far it's worked.. *KNOCK ON WOOD* Also I got my FI a DSLR for christmas last year, a Canon Ti2 he loves it! It's a great camera!

    Moo- Love the earrings! I got my K.A Mixer for my shower! So excited and can't wait to use it! I love to bake and cook so it's perfect!

    Sari- If your looking for decorative stuff for the wedding try Micheals and Jo ann's for black friday. They usually send out good coupons to use as well!!

    Lindsay- Ditto on the Target DVD's! There clothes are also usually on a good deal as well! Also, on the registry front what we did is research before we went out so we knew what products were good, and made a list of things we knew we needed. It helped a ton.

    Panther- Have fun at the winery! I love going to different wineries just to taste the local stuff!

    We're Married!! And I couldn't be happier!
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    Everyone sounds like they are going to have a wonderful weekend and holiday!

    We are spending Thanksgiving with my family in Pittsburgh on Thursday and going to Zelienople to spend time with his family on Saturday.

    My mom, sister and I are going to taste wedding cakes on Friday or Saturday! I know I'm going to get my cake from Prantls, its just a matter of exactly what I want. 
    We also just found out that my aunt is getting married on December 30. She is older (40), and she is just having a small ceremony at a chapel and then dinner at a local restaurant for about 25 people. This is her first marriage and I'm super happy for her.
  • cadamuscadamus member
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    Hi brides! This is my first time on this board and I live in Erie, Pa. So this is the closet to a local board for me!

    On Thanksgiving I am doing a Turkey Trot with one of my bridesmaids and then going to the FI's aunts and then to my gradnmothers and then back to FI parents. I will also be going black Friday shopping at 10 pm on Thanksgiving at Walmart bc they have a bunch of good sales going on. Then on Black Friday I will go shopping with the FI (that way he can get it all done sinces he is in law school and has finals coming up) and then we are going to check out where we might have our Wedding Reception. And after that FI has his 5 year high school reunion. I have a pretty busy next couple of days. not to mention I have to work some days as well.

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