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Good morning!

Do we have any east coasters in the storm path?  How was the weekend?

This weekend was a lot of sleep.

Went for my glorious massage and fell asleep at the very end.  Left for the ILs and napped on the way there.  After 5hrs of football (go Bucks and Redhawks!) in a house that is just a little too warm with lots of smelling things making my eyes itch, I fell asleep on the couch at 830.  I'm such good company, but darn I was bored.

Sunday went to FIL's new condo and hung out with the sMIL for a bit.  Went to the best bakery in the world where a random woman got very close and sort of whispered in my ear "this is the sort of place you only want to be if you're pregnant."  Um ok.  Then I slept the whole way home.   We carved pumpkins last night. 

This week should be loads of fun.  Doc appt, vet appt, preschool halloween parade and party, ToT, and getting ready for DH to be gone.

Re: Good morning!

  • I hope our east coasters have battened down the hatches and are in safe place!

    Weekend was too short and too long at the same time. I techinically had a five day weekend because I was off Wed-Fri. 

    Wed-Refi closed  (yes!), shopping, new haircut

    Thu-Took the kiddo over to the mall for the local radio station's annual pumpkin drop.  We stayed for two drops and then came home.  We then went grocery shopping and my IL's came over for dinner.

    Fri-Shopped like a crazy person (seriously, 5 stores in 3 hours and it was not mall shopping). I took the kiddo to see the movie "Fun Size" and then we bought his basketball shoes.  A's sister came over and stayed the night.

    Sat-Up eaaarrrllly.  Dropped the kids at my parents and then headed up to Chicago to my friends baby shower.  A's sister rode with us.  Baby shower was fun.  After the shower we went back to our friends house and hung out. 

    Sun-Hung out most of the morning with our friends and then headed home.  Got home in time to see the last of the Colts game (after getting the kids).  Relaxed, watched TV, and went to bed early. I was quite tired.

    Traveling 2 weekends back to back is exhausting.  I don't think we're leaving town before the end of the year. 
  • The weekend was mostly quiet.

    Saturday-got up and ran in the morning.  CHILLY!  Then regular Saturday morning stuff.  I then spent probably an hour using the leaf-blower blowing the HUGE piles of leaves into lines for later.  Once it ran out gas I was thinking "Well, that's God's sign I am done" and called it a day.  1 hour.  Laughable.  H and I went to dinner later, got into a heated conversation and which the end of it, I realized he is right...(again) and I need to stand up for myself and have some VERY VERY VEERRRY tough conversations.

    Sunday-H went and worked again, while I stayed home, did more nothing.  Then more yardwork...and left most of it for both of us to tackle because doing it together goes about 10x faster than me filling bins and carting to the front.  BUT, I tried...I can say that.  Another 1.5 hours of work for that.  H is now getting sick with what I had...and it seems everyone else has had too.  Just a cold, so I hope it passes quickly for him.
  • I am pretty much in the middle of the storm path as it is currently predicted but I am inland a bit (south central PA). I can't imagine being on the coast as when I left for work this morning it was already getting kinda hard to drive and the storm hadn't even hit land yet. I am watching the weather though because I live about an hour south east of work right above the MD line. I am going to at least try to make it until noon so I get paid for the whole day but a few people are planning to jet around 10-10:30 because there are talks of closing roads and bridges.

    Also, people are damn crazy. I am blaming the news for piling on the hype regarding the storm but there is not a battery or flashlight to be found for over 100 miles I bet and if you are expecting a loss of power why in the hell are you buying three gallons of milk?!? Damn crazy. We stayed home and ordered a pizza to avoid this mess.

    In more exciting non storm related news, I did go buy DH's anniversary present. I am having a hard time waiting until Saturday to give it to him. I think I am more excited to give him the watch than having made it 5 years without killing him, lol.

    "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~C.S. Lewis
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    O face, I'm sorry you were wrong, because even when it's good to know, it sucks to have to hold it that way.

    We had a pretty awesome weekend.
    Friday, the kiddo went w/ me to donate blood and she was awesomely good.  She played w/ her quiet book and her squeezy stress ball the nurses gave her and told everyone "momma get shot!"...and then got a cookie.  She sees no down side to this giving blood thing.
    Then we went home, played w/ colored rice and made colored pasta necklaces (I didn't wear mine to work today), and did a few chores.
    (and the Mr. accidentally broke our TV antenna, so now we don't get ANY tv.  If it weren't for netflix's kids movies, the child's hair would never get done)

    Saturday I did 'boo at the zoo'--met a friend and her kid and friend's friend and their kids there.  Buffy said she would wear her monkey suit...but refused once we got there (I did skip nap for this, so she was a bit grumpy).  She also refused to wear the fairy wings she's been wearing around (going 'flap flap flap flyyyy") for weeks--so we trick-or-treated w/o a costume.
    We happened to get into the feline house at feeding time.  The lion was roaring like mad, then got irritated his steak wasn't there yet, so he backed up to a wall, sprayed (much to the amusement/horror of the 8 year olds all standing around me) and roared more--very much a "dudes, you KNOW how badass I can get, get me FOOD".  Which was extra hilarious because Buffy was in my arms saying 'roawr' very quietly.

    Sunday we went to old people church wehre Buffy said she wanted her cookie (she gets a cookie at coffee hour, after church) as we walked in.  EVERY time we sat/stood, this child grabbed her stuff and headed for the asile/back door, saying 'cookie now!"
    She's also very much in 'echo' phase, so everything I said got repeated at top volume "cookie LATER.  FEW MORE MINUTES!  That's enough KIDDO, NO KICKIN"
    Everyone was to polite to do more than giggle silently.
    Then we hung out at my parents and avoided doing chores (which, justifiably pissed off the Mr.  Damnit, he's right that I kinda gave him the shaft on them this weekend) and my sister and failed to convince the child to put on her monkey suit and child and I got into a repeated pissing-match over her refusal to say 'please'.  
  • From Friday at 5pm to Saturday at 12;45pm, I was ALONE and it was glorious.  I went shopping alone, I ate whatever I wanted, I watched what ever I wanted on TV, I went to bed when I wanted, I took up the entire bed and relished every second of it.  I even got to sleep in.   The Awesome.

    Once DH and DD got back on Saturday, DD and I went straight to ballet, then had lunch at Fazoli's (or, Zoli's, as DD calls it) went to a few shops, including the pet shop where DD was most interested in the fish, then we went for some FroYo.  Came home, we both had naps, then we watched the Buckeyes for a while, and then the Tigers.

    Sunday, we sent DD to church with G-ma.  I watched DH play a video game, and helped him out (L.A. Noire).   Then DD came home, I made lunch, we went to a halloween party at the hockey arena (which was a total cluster, btw.), DD threw a fit when we came home, but finally went down for a nap.   She napped for 4 hours, waking up at 8pm.   So she ended up watching almost the entire Tigers game with us and went to bed around 11.  Somehow she was still up bright and early this morning.  Amazing.

    That's it.   I meant for us to carve pumpkins last night, but sleeping beauty messed up my plans.  So I think  we'll be carving tonight.
  • It was a decent weekend.  DH and I talked a lot and accomplished some.  I'm trying to take things in small bits at a time, rather than throwing myself whole hog into something new and then quitting when it doesn't work. 

    We didn't do much other than hammer out some schedules, pay bills, watch movies and love on the dogs.

    While re-watching Labyrinth, I realized that Zelda grunts exactly like Ludo.  I think we laughed for a good ten minutes about that.
  • We had an awesome weekend. On Friday I picked up DS and we went and got his blood drawn. He did really good- only cried when they stuck him and then he was fine. He told everyone at the lab to have a good day as he was leaving. For dinner we had McDonald's which was DS's choice because he had a rough day. Saturday, we went to the pumpkin patch. DS had a blast. Came home and got groceries while he napped, then we made homemade pizza for dinner. Sunday we were lazy bums. Hung around the house, didn't do much. We did book our tickets for our Maui trip next year. I am so excited.
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