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I am just starting my wedding planning!  It's so exciting, and I wish the day would get here sooner!  Do any of you have any advice?  Any ideas of what should be done first?  I already looked at a recption site, and have e-mailed many otehrs.  I have also e-mailed some churches as well.  It is so time consuming going from venue to venue, so I thought getting some information through e-mails is better than nothing right?  My parents are in Arizona until May, so getting the church and venue booked is going to be difficult since they really want to see the locations.  I figured if I provide as much information with pricing as possible and maybe take pcitures of the locations, we should be able to figure it out before they get back.  I have heard from many vendors and some churches that weddings for 2012 are really starting to book now compared to last year when there weren't as many trying to book that far in advace.  Another issue I am having is how many dress sizes can you take in alterations?  I heard form David's Bridal about 2 dress sizes...but I have also heard from a few friends that their friends had a dress taken in from a 10 to a 2/4, it just depends on how good your seamstress is.  Do any of you know how much they really can take in or know of a seamstress that can take in more than 2 dress sizes?

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    Yeah we already came up with a rough estimate of guests, so we have a little heads up on that.  As far as a budget, my parents are paying for our wedding.  They don't even know what would be a common wedding budget for Omaha, but so far the pricing for the recption location suites them well.  I really wish they would give me one, but so far so good without one.  We already have 2 friends that do photography so we are on top of that as well!  I just want to get the church and reception location booked soon.
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    Guest list is definately first....and of course somewhat of a budget. We booked most of our vendors last spring/summer and they were booking into 2012 already, so keep that in mind! Also, I got tons of deals going to bridal fairs and getting discounted prices for almost all of our vendors. I spent a lot of time looking for ideas and prices online, and we decided to DIY most of our stuff, so now I spend my time doing that and watching for sales and such. 
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    Most dresses can be taken down more than 2 dress sizes.  Linda Lee in CB has done alterations for my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses and I've seen pictures of a dress she took in quite a few sizes and it looked great.  Her # is 712 323 3163.

    One good way to narrow down venues (other than size and price) is catering.  Some venues allow any, some allow a select few, sone only work with one.
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    Congratulations on joining the wedding planners club :-D

    Get the big stuff done/booked first.  Budget, Guest List, Venue, Catering, Photographer, etc.  The best places and vendors book quickly.  Once you have your venue picked, then you can figure out some of the more fun things like colors, decorations, etc.  Depending on how far out your wedding is, start shopping for your dress.  Some more advice...attend bridal shows and you can usually book vendors on the spot and get some great discounts.  Also, if you are having a long engagement...don't buy too much wedding stuff right at first (unless you're sure and get a good price).  I bought several things right after our engagement and now we aren't going to use them, either because they don't fit our idea for our wedding anymore or we found something better.

    As far as the planning process, after almost 2 years of planning, I have found that my original idea for our wedding is a lot different than what we are going to end up having...and that's been a good thing.  We've changed our minds so many times, but we are so happy with how things are going right now and how they will play out on our actual wedding day.
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